In search of an exhaust! Any help?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Jonj57, Aug 21, 2016.

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    So it's finally come to the point where I need to focus on my exhaust system (the standard one right now) and am looking for a decent one for top to mid range power. I've heard great things about the Snake pipe and the Torquer II but the snake pipe isn't available anymore and the torq seems to focus on the mid to low end of things.

    I found this guy on ebay(link) and it looks pretty similar to the snake pipe but am worried it might just be some Chinese junk that won't help.

    Any recommendations? Please and thanks guys!

  2. jaguar

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    all expansion chambers offer around a 2000 RPM powerband , and where that is on the RPM range depends on the length of the header pipe. The longer the pipe is, the lower in the RPM range will be the powerband. Technically it is the distance from the piston face to about 4" beyond where the baffle cone starts (the contracting cone). Those two pipes look to have about the same distance and so they would affect the same RPM range.
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    "Those 2" being the snake and the chinese copy pipe I presume? If so then that helps a lot. You and your site are basically the manual on these 2 strokes haha.