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    50 days to go.

    you say to yourself..."right. im not doing anything else to a stinking motrised pushy again!" at around the four month mark...

    so. the engine i oredered a new piston n cylinder for... a week later, its lost the ring locating pin. that destroys cylinder and piston. great. i spent 4 hours porting that cylinder! all cus of one tiny lil pin.

    so the "spare" engine id ordered along with the rebuild kit, it gets cleaned up portwise (nothing fancy this time, mind you), and fired up.

    great :)

    a week later.... burnt out magneto, and (i was thinking of getting it going today) a dirty big crack in the piston skirt! (that killed todays plan then...)

    so now i move onto the spare "spare" engine that id ordered from mbb imports (2 weeks before ordering the rebuild kit and spare engine from zbox, id placed exactly the same order with mbb, and didnt get a response, an engine, anything, for over a month...and he sent the wrong rebuild kit...but thats another story...)

    this ones black :eek: a skyhawk! oh my....

    so, strap her on, this over it! i didnt touch anything! i absolutely refuse to pull these things apart! cmon, ive got three months left! (at this stage...)

    so, its been going strong :)


    surging. like the old "no hole in the gas cap" trick.
    but it isnt fuel. its not the filter. not the jet float or needle.

    its like a bleeding governor! cant get over half speed without splutter splutter then nothing at all til it gets below a certain rpm....

    so instead of doing 70 and scaring the pants off of everyone im stuck at 30 and cant go faster!

    do you know how annoying this is? i can pull in the clutch, give it WOT and rest assured that it wont rev past 6 grand (at a guess)

    i have replaced the entire ignition system. no help.

    so far (because i dont have one) i havent tried a new carb. im about to put the walbro back on though. which is more work cus it needs a rebuild kit through it. grrr. thats why i took it off!

    so two weeks ago it was screaming.... now its great as long as i stay under 30...

    and the actual throttle position has no bearing on the problem. can happen half throttle, full throttle...if i go over 30 :rolleyes7:

    thats my gripe, noone can fix it, cus if i cant....

    i refuse to buy another engine.

    im walking if it gets any worse.

    ill probably just order another piston and get the other one going. this ones had itsturn. grrrr

    :) did i mention i get my license back in 50 days? :)
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    how strange... both rear mounting studs gone.... :rolleyes7:

    so. whack in a pair of studs and shes screaming again :eek:

    note. the rear mounting studs, not cylinder studs, nothing actually related to the running of a motor in any way...but affect it they did :jester:

    see why i hate these things? :jester: