In the wee hours



I don't sleep as well as I used to when I was younger. I tend to wake at the crack of dawn . This morn it was 5:30 am and my internal alarm went off. The clock said 5:30 but its really 6:30 due to daylight save thing.Anyhow the thing is I love being an adult cause the first thing I did was to brush my teeth and then proceed to cook up a steak and cheese sub smuthered in mushrooms for breakfast. Ah yes now thats a breakfast. Now I'm going to dress and take off for a Sunday morning ride. Where to? Doesn't matter as long as the cars stay out of my way. Well I hope all is well with all of you fellow moto red people ....... This one's off like a shot with the wind in my face...... Tom in WV.........PS My girlfriend says why don't you take the van when I tell her I'm going down to the store. She doesn't get it that I love to ride my bicycle. She knows I've owned motorcycles all my life and doesn't understand why I like this bicycle version so much more. I think its a second childhood thing........ Tom
I understand.
I hopped on my motorcycle today and ran to the store for a breakfast of donuts...
It was a good excuse for a ride...
im like that. just love to ride these bikes. i use my car for going to work cause its quite far to go and its early in the morning but on my days off i park that thing and only use my bike . today started at starbucks for breakfast and then up corbet canyan road into san luis obispo down tankfarm rd. then off to avila beach . down the bob jones bike trail non motorized cause its a small trail with lots of bikes on it kinda like a path that goes by the creek very nice. it was so crowed at the beach today it was packed . first beautiful day of the year everybodys down at the beachh mustve been 80 degrees today so nice . then off to pismo beach it was also packed. then back home in oceano total miles about 52. my as# hurts . but i did a torture run to see what would break and the only thing that did was my 4 dollar bottle holder which i use for coffee cups yeah!!! what a nice day for a ride most enjoyable larry ca
Sounds great! There's nothing finer in the world than that my friend... nice weather, a strong engine, and the minute to minute/moment to moment of a long ride.
One of my best friends lives in San Louis Obisbo! Cool.
Yeah, it was warm and overcast here in Washington today, at 54 degrees it was like a heat wave. Then the rains came and it was like a summer storm. Nice way to end the day, sitting on the front porch at my band mates pad after a good practice, sipping coffee, watching the rains, and talking the stuff of life, art, truth, and love; just like the beat poet outlaw cowpunks we are.
Good stuff...
nope didnt need to stop for gas still had about 1/4 of a tank when i got back. but im going to keep the oil that i put in a plastic bottle and keep it with me so just in case i forget to mix gas ill have some with me .larry ca
Well that was a ride and a half. I haven't had the bike out for a good ride since I changed the rear sprocket. I took off the 44 and installed a 36. Man it runs now like a rocket. I really don't stand on it flat out for too long due to vibrations but it's alot faster than it was. We need that two or three speed gearing that would be the s**t. I want one . For now I'm going to start a new build using a heavy duty schwinn or a worksman frame. My bike is fine don't get me wrong it's just that I'm an addict now and a builder at heart so no stoping me now another bike is in the cards. I do have two old tandum frames and I got to thinkin...... Bolt or weld them together and do a twin engine.... Twin 80's I like the sound of that..... I forsee alot of problems to work out but anythings possible if you put your mind to it......Today the weather here in Washington Baltimore area was in the upper 60 and expected to be in the 70's tomorrow. So its ride ride ride like the wind and forget all my troubles....... Tom