Inconsistent clutch performance on HT kit

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    Hi guys. I've done two builds so far. On the first, I had no trouble with the clutch adjustment. It's fairly consistent. It gets a little tight when it's been ridden for a while. However, it never needs adjustment. On my second build (pictured), the clutch is a bit problematic. When the bike is cold, I'll get it adjusted right. When the clutch is engaged, the bike cranks fine. With the clutch disengaged, the bike pedals fine with no drag from the clutch. After riding the bike for 30 minutes to 1 hour, and then leaving it parked for an equal amount of time, the clutch performs as though the flower nut had been loosened on it. In other words, the clutch no longer produces enough drag to roll start the motor. I have to open the clutch cover, tighten the flower nut one "notch", and then I can crank the motor. However, now, the clutch is so tight that it's hard to pedal the bike. After the bike sits for a while after the mentioned adjustment, it becomes so tight that I'm forced to loosen it a notch, only to later tighten it. It's an easy enough problem to fix, but it's just annoying to keep doing it over and over. Anyone know of a potential solution?

    I appreciate the help very much.

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    ok. weird.

    really weird.

    rubber is supposed to shrink when hot. maybe its the lil friction pads that are the problem? never heard of anything like it before though.

    pushrod/buck bar is getting really hot for some reason? but it would have to really expand to cause the problem youre having... id expect it to gall and sieze if it was getting that hot.

    are you leaving enough slack in the cable/lever?


    maybe the cables getting too hot as it passes the cylinder?

    um... im confused :D
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    no! the more i re read your post the more my head hurts! WTF! congratulations :) im stumped :)
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    its the esher clutch! check your clutch gear (with the pads on it) and look for play