Increasing speed on electric hub motors?



Just a thought. Am wondering if electric hub motors have some kind of voltage regulator on them so that they can't go over 20 MPH? Possibly to meet the import regulations? If so, couldn't a person change something to maybe bypass this and get a little more speed ouit of a hub motor without frying it? I have a 48V hub motor on my bike and can get a max speed of 18 MPH. Would sure like to be able to squeeze a few more MPH out of it. Just a thought.



Yes that may be a possibility but before you get to excited,
try taking one of the ends off your speed controller and you
will find a brick on the inside, the entire thing is sealed in an
epoxy di-electric and good luck digging out that stuff . . .

Your best bet would be to buy a speed controller that is made for speed.
From the looks of your pic that looks like one of the kits from
Spookeytooth. . . those controllers are low end for tourque.
There is another site that has different controllers available
one saying that you can reach 36mph in 19 seconds . . .
not sure of the price or if it will work with the hub you have.
If you further investigate it please post your findings . . .

Here's a link to that site:



8) Butch, all you need is 72volts, and matching controller. i ran 6 12v/18ah HEAVY batteries, and my 135-pound girlie cruiser bike responded like a big-block CHEVY IMPALA. it also had a 50(fifty!)-mile+range,before it gradually lost power. at 325 pounds, max speed was 23mph on flat ground.

i also caught up to and smoked two cyclists with their fancy bikes and fancy clothes on the bikepath stretch.

and that was after being on the road for 20 miles, using all motor and no pedalling. :eek:

i miss that bike. it lays disassembled, awaiting my next impulsive move. :cool: