Indestructable spoked wheel choices?



With approx. 1000 miles on GEBE R/S 35 equipped Schwinn cimaron,the inevitable spoke failure has begun.The schwinn has 14g spokes (I think) and it seems that the spokes loosen over time due to torsion force then break under stress while cornering in my case.At any rate I feel like I need to replace the rear wheel and am considering the gebe E/V 105 offering.I have had difficulty with internet searches finding only super high end stuff.I would like to know what others have used and what their experience has been.This topic hs been covered to some extent in the past I know.Thanks..:D
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there are lots of choices, as you have found, mostly pricey.

i can't imagine you needing more than the Eagle / Velocity 36 spoke 105g triple V wheel and hub that GEBE sells.

i have one with the drive ring and cassette for sale. approx 2.5 mnths and 1500mls. of use.

I had the Wheelmaster build a rear wheel for me. 10g spokes. Lifetime guarantee. It cost a bit, but I think it was worth it.
Thanks for the input folks,I pulled the trigger on the E/V 105 this morning,probably slap a 14g on the front.I really need to get up to full speed a.s.a.p. as this is my only means of "legal transportation".Steve, I wish I knew you had one available,I was considering the 14g with extra ring but greenbacks are a little tight at the moment.I'm pretty easy on the bike so I think this will solve the rear wheel issue,but I'm still concerned about the spokes loosening ove time and becoming vulnerable to breakage.I wonder if prolonged low tire pressure contributes to the nipples being able to rotate?I a slacker when it comes to proper maintenance(too friggin hot out here).Again,solid for the input.........:)

B.T.W. - You guys need to stop with the GP460/chain drive stuff...cause I'm real tempted.Not for speed of course,but the extra "power" he he...