For Sale Indian Larry Tribute Spoiler Franco Morini One of a Kind

This is a Street Legal One-of-a-Kind Florida registered moped. The Indian Larry Tribute Schwinn Spoiler. Morini Franco 6.5 hp powered engine with racing reed modification. Stainless Steel Exhaust built to exact Morini specifications for this motor. The drive train rubber isolated and direct with an eccentric bearing allowing easy chain adjustment. The Harley Davidson Peanut Tank holds 2 gallons of fuel and has the standard petcock with reserve feature.
The braking is achieved with standard go kart hydraulic brake cylinders equipped with micro switches for brake lights. The front and real calipers are a floating design making adjustments unnecessary and allowing for self adjustment for lateral bearing movement.
The electrical system centers around a front wheel sealed bearing SRAM I light hub dynamo. It produces 6 volts to power the lighting system. The lights are from Peter White Lighting. The front headlight a modified Headwinds Custom Motorcycle has been adapted for the Halogen Headlight and the Led low beam. The low beam is capacitor charged so it remains on for 7 minutes even when the bike is not moving. The tail /brake light works the same way with a small battery pack for the brake light under the seat.
The rear wheel is double walled and a premium 4.5 x 20 tire is mounted. The front wheel is a Surly Mountain Bike Large Marge wheel with custom spokes and mounts. The tire is a King Wheel 24/3.00.
The frame and fenders are custom pinstriped by Ol’skool Striper Al Battista. It features the Indian Larry theme. The handle bars are from England and their risers are custom motorcycle builder Paul Yaffe. A faux Suicide Shifter is mounted with an 1890 NYC School Door Knob as the shift knob. Saddle bags are mounted and the chrome Ol’skool Sissy Bar mounted as well. The seat has the Indian Larry motif and was custom made by Asscessories of Naples Florida. Chrome Handlebar Grips, Chopper Mirrors and emblems compliment the theme.
Not used as a everyday rider this show piece received every attention to detail building this bike. The engine has less than 10 hours and is not yet broken in.
The bike will be sold with a matching Harley Davidson DOT Helmet painted with the Indian Larry theme. Also included is a custom adapted aluminum Motorcycle Carrier with integral loading ramp. allowing transporting the bike with any vehicle which has a class 2 hitch.
Purchaser will have either to pick up or arrange for shipping. The Bike is located in Melbourne Beach Florida
It is being offered at $1500.00 firm F i o r o t


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I want this out of my garage. But when Spoilers stripped are selling upwards for 1000 dollars with 3000 invested I think 1500.00 is a great prices for a bike that can do 40 plus if you have the balls. and there are no drilling in the frame so the Spoiler can be returned to stock. But I am firm on 1500
Looks like a better deal than 1/2 of a 25 y/o Whizzer for the same money.
I just had to laugh cause your compering a Whizzer to a Chopper. :ROFLMAO:
BTW Whizzer didn't make New Edition Whizzers 25 yrs ago they made em from 1999 - 2009 A new Whizzer in 05 sold for $1,750
I know people are asking $1,500 for a 20 yr old Whizzer But a 20yr Whizzer is only worth $500 - $750 in good condition.

If your talking about the Whizzers made in Southern California in 1993 - 1995 their junk and ain't worth much. Parts are impossible to find
That is no whizzer, but it's a nice bike. That bike is put together using machined parts and a lot of talent. I think it's well worth the price if that's what you want. Build that bike from scratch and see how much stuff adds up.
It needs a paint job, too many ethnic symbols.

Ya gotta leave the Indian Larry theme. The engine side covers/chain guard are Kustom theme parts. If you paint that bike you'll ruin it.
That gas tank Indian Larry symbol is Gold Leaf with Kustom pin stripes. You must be kidding "it needs a paint job"
Is that motor a Morini clone like Dax used to sell? If it is that's no HT motor. The 4th pic gives you a good shot at the motor.