Indiana Law for Cycles stopped at Red Lights that Don't Turn Green

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    Found this 2014 law in the Indiana BMV motorcycle reference manual

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    Ran across this list of other states with similar laws. I can't confirm any of these just passing on what I found here:

    States with safe-on-red laws:
    Arkansas - In effect since 2005, state law allows a motorcyclist to proceed with caution, after coming to a full and complete stop, through a red light that fails to detect the bike. (Arkansas Code section 27-52-206)

    Idaho – (2006) If a signal fails to operate after one cycle of the traffic light that a motorcyclist may proceed, using due caution and care, after coming to a full and complete stop at the intersection.* (Statute 49-802)

    Illinois - (2012) Permits a driver of a motorcycles or bicycle facing a red light that fails to change within a reasonable period of time of not less than 120 seconds to proceed after yielding the right-of-way to any oncoming traffic. However, this law doesn’t apply to municipalities of over 2,000,000 people – such as Chicago. (625 ILCS 5/11-306)

    Minnesota - (2002) A person operating a bicycle or motorcycle who runs a red light has an affirmative defense if the driver first came to a complete stop, the traffic light stayed red for an unreasonable amount of time and appeared not to detect the vehicle and no motor vehicles or people were approaching the street. (Statute 169.06)

    Missouri – (2009) State law tells both motorcyclists and bicyclists that run red lights that they have an affirmative defense if they brought their vehicle to a complete stop, the light was red for an unreasonable time period, and there were no motor vehicle or person approaching. *(Statute 304.285)

    Nevada - (2013) Those using motorcycles, bicycles, mopeds, and tri-mobiles are allowed to proceed through an intersection with a red light after waiting for two traffic light cycles, and they yield to other vehicle traffic or pedestrians. (Statute 484B.307)

    North Carolina - (2007) Motorcyclists are permitted to move cautiously through a steady red light after coming to a complete stop and waiting a minimum of three minutes and if no other vehicle or pedestrians are approaching the intersection. (NCGS 20-158)

    Oklahoma - (2010) Motorcycles can proceed cautiously through a steady red light intersection after a making a complete stop and if no other motor vehicle or person is approaching the roadway. (Statute 47-11-202)

    South Carolina - (2008) After making a complete stop and waiting for a minimum of 120 seconds, the driver of a motorcycle, moped, or bicycle may treat a steady red light that doesn’t change as a stop sign and proceed with caution. (S.C. Code 56-5-970)

    Tennessee - (2003) After coming to a complete stop, motorcyclists and bicyclists may proceed through a steady red light when it is safe to do so. (Tennessee Traffic Control Signals 55-8-110)

    Virginia – (2011) Drivers of motorcycles, mopeds, and bicycles may move with caution through non-responsive red lights as long as they yield the right-of-way to others approaching the intersection, and have come to a complete stop for two complete light cycles or 120 seconds, whichever is shorter.(Statute 46-2-833)

    Wisconsin - (2006) A motorcycle, moped or bicycle is permitted to run a steady red light after making a complete stop and waiting at least 45 seconds and then yields the right–of-way to any vehicular traffic or pedestrians using the intersection.* (Statute 346.37)
    In early 2013, Nebraska introduced Bill LB 85 proposing a safe-on-red law, but the bill currently has a status of “indefinitely postponed.”
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    Thanks for taking the time to post all this information, along with statute.

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    Yes! Thank you to barnfresh.

    My state was on that list. It's good info to have because I've got a red light on my commute that does not detect me. And I often end up running that light after waiting for a gap in traffic. It looks as though I've actually been legal doing this as long as I waited 2 minutes.

    That seems like a long time. But it's possible that I've already done it. Sometimes it takes a while to get that gap.
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    No prob guys glad the info helped, ride safe all! ~Barnfresh
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    On the flip side, Indiana has a rather strict motorbike law. Practically anything with a motor needs a Motor Driven Cycle tag. Keep it small and one gear and you can stay MDC-B.
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    wow.... theres a law about that over there?

    i just do it anyway after the 2nd cycle... if its really late at night i wont even bother waiting. i ride a moto! i only have so much patience!
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    If in doubt just do the "right,... flip a bitch, right,... flip a bitch" until you're going the direction you need, it takes less than two minutes.