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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by dougsr.874, Mar 2, 2011.

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    I won't bore you with the complete horror story: I shipped a new never used HuaSheng engine to B.C.. Canada, so that the crankshaft could be replaced and the engine then sent back to me.....I paid UPS the shipping charges when it shipped from Florida....I was informed today that when the package arrived at the destination the receiver was required to pay an additional $60.00.....I contacted the local UPS store and was told that the additional cost was probably customs fees, etc....I never dreamed that those fees would be charged and so much.....Does anyone have info on this matter.

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    I do not know of a specific cost... but over the years I have heard stories of jacked up prices for customs and shipments to and from our neighbor from the north!
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    The cost of shipping anything here from the U.S. is quite high. It can be so bad that most companies refuse to ship anything here. Customs charge extra for weight. After they rummage through the contents that is. To get a simple letter sent here as quick as possible cost a nice $126. I'm not sure what the rate is. The worst part of it all is that it's much cheaper to send something from here to The U.S. I sent a 5 lbs package to Nebraska for $25.
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    The problem is UPS. Just sayin'
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    Ahmen! Im also from canada looking to get a beach cruser shipped up from Cali. Im trying my hardest to avoid UPS. If i do have to ship UPS at least ill have a few weeks to prep before them drop it off and then bend me over and **** me silly with extra charges.

    If you can avoid them at all cost. Try looking into FedEx or somwhere else. Good luck btw!