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    Guess I got a little windy with my intro, but WTH. I have, as stated, an early
    Bumble-Bike motor & bracket(all I need is the trike). There wasn't any manual
    and it ran like a champ when I bought it, probably 15(?)yrs. ago. The serial #
    is 348060. Anybody know who to contact about it. How I found this site was
    thru yahoo that showed me this forum from 2008 or 9 talking about brackets
    for bikes. I really didn't think I'd have any luck with my quest, but HERE YA'LL
    ARE!:cool: I'm intent on getting myself more mobile & taking my dogs for
    exercise without having to use the wife's car.
    Any info will be greatly appreciated! THANK YOU & will be back to check for responses in a day or 2.

  2. Happy Valley

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    Here's a link you could try, maybe they can help you?

    BTW, I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the Bumblebee and Solex rigs, they are close to the roots of what motorized bikes are all about.
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    REDWOLF New Member

    Big THANK YOU HappyValley! Gonna check it out right now!
  4. machiasmort

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    Their Logo Rocks!
  5. proline20

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    their bumble bee new kits rock! I've got 1 new one and 3 retro (er, 25 and 30cc, not the original US engine 35cc)

    Anyone got an old bumble they'd part with?