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    Afew years ago Judge Manzi did preside over a MB case and
    dismissed all charges because the law didnot support the charges.
    It was friction roller engine not locked into the gearing. All I remember
    is the mans first name. It was Willis, a white man about age 58 or so.The charges were not having a licence plate, no drivers licence, no insurance,
    and no sticker with the fine being around $1100.00. This is all I know about

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    All i know is that here, you do not need a license, insurance or license plates and you need to be a minimum of 15 years old to ride anything that's 80 c.c.'s and under.
    there are a lot of people here that have gotten d.u.i.'s and lost their license, so you see them riding all over on scooters and mopeds. This is a college town, so a lot of the students ride scooters and mopeds all over the place. I have seen a few m.b.'s in the mix, but it's mostly scooters and mopeds.
    so you can get a d.u.i., lose your license and driving priveledges. Then you can turn around and buy a scooter or moped, and be back on the road the next day with no license, insurance or license plates.
    There are a few people who drive side-by-side atv's on the downtown streets here as well. these require plates, insurance and a license, but they are treated just like regular cars.
    I live in a very rural area so for me to see a golf cart or a 4 wheeler zipping around on the streets isn't uncommon. but in the downtown area, i see mopeds, scooters, side-by-side atv's and a few m.b.'s all the time. the only ones that require plates, insurance and a license are the side-by-sides.
    mopeds, scooters and m.b.'s are free to ride wherever they want unlicensed, and uninsured.