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Hi all you knowledgeable people. This motor setup is on my wifes bike and I am after information about it. When we bought it in Australia, we were told it was a design by Piaggio, but it looks like a Sachs setup. It is a 30cc two stroke with auto clutch and direct connect to the rear axle shaft/wheel. It says on the side engine cover "made in italy", but I doubt that very much.

The clutch has started to slip and I am after information to correct this. Probably a parts supplier might be good as well. Any information greatly appreciated as there is no help from the original supplier.

Keith H.


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Morini Motori Engine.

Well what a great start. I searched all the info from the link you provided, (thanks) and know that this unit is basically made in China now. The problem is, "where to get bits" and any other technical info.

I see on Ebay in Australia, there are quite a few of them now available for sale as complete motorised bikes. Might have to send an email to each and every seller to see if bits are available.

Still looking for more information.



The engine is an FM128 by Franco Morini. You have an earlier model with the rigid starter cord housing. I've got a newer model on my bike. Ive never heard of these being made in China. Please let me know where you found these sites. Morini used to to make one of the older Sachs engines. The Sachs engine is currently made in china for an Australian company but only has one fifth the power of the old german engine. I will see if I can find an Australian Morini dealer for you.
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