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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by fazratz, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. fazratz

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    Ok I jus thought I would pass on a little infro to everyone about something I've found out. I happen to be a small engine mechanic where I work on stuff like Briggs v-twins. I've been wanting to build my own Motorcycle using a Briggs v-twin like Ridley does. Was talking with my Boss and I pulled up the Ridley site to show him that it was nothing more then a pretty Briggs motor on that 14,000 dollar machine when I noticed that they are selling a engine kit just like our little china motors.Only thing different on it is that they are having someone machine the word Ridley on the clutch cover. They are selling it as their own and it starts at 599.99 for the same little kit I paided 189.00 for! I really think that if I'm going to pay 14,000 it will be a new Harley not a Lawn mower on 2 wheels!!

  2. Youngbird

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    Dude....thats my ultimate project. A full bore bobber using a 20-22 HP V-Twin and a Comet Torque-Avertor. Yessir....thats my baby!:evilgrin:
  3. fazratz

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    I'm looking at a 23 horse Vanguard cammed up and smoking!!!
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    What kind of road speed can you get like that? Could it hold 60-65 mph?
  5. fazratz

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    When I lived in Elpaso My Boss had a Ridley on 12 inch wheels and it peeked at 95, t depends on your gearing also.
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    I'd love to put a semi-recumbent tadpole together, 22" inchers all around (LA law says max 22" wheels on a motorcycle, which this would be) dualie rear wheels with a cogged belt sprocket between the wheels, shock outboard each side of the rear assembly(just forward of the wheels). Put the engine/CVT as close to the back wheels as I could get it, make the entire rear assembly pivotable through a max of say, 40 degrees each way, and make the front suspension matched parallelogram double A-frame with internal shocks. Set up the seat at axle height - 11 inches.

    Voila, tadpole leaner with power to burn and the traction to use it. One of those Briggs V-twins would be perfect. Make it about 3 feet wide by six feet long on the wheelbase, cowling for the front end with a windscreen, and you'd have a heck of a nice cruising machine.
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    DO IT!!! Monster big block engine on a Motorcycle!!! 23HP!!! OMG!

    And I thought 6.5HP was too fast for a bicycle, hehehehe. 23HP would be wicked!

    And be sure to post pics of that beast!
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  8. Gungatim

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    A lot of guys take those 18hp vanguards and stick them on the old cushman scooters. Supposedly will do 70mph and keep up with traffic no problem using the Comet 40 series torque converters. I would love to build on myself one day...
  9. I think that that kit comes w/ some of the finest engine mts on the market and the nicest chain tensioner I've seen. Those Ridley Felts are nice bikes and not too shabby for $2200. Lotta work/overhead goes into buildin'm like that!

    Those are some nice widgets 'n' doohickies
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    ok so nice mounts

    mounts to me are not worth 400.00 and let me tell you my centex cruiser is as nice a frame as any around. and as for the motor being better it will be when pigs fly!!!! that ridley clutch cover is not worth that much money. i work with argos, snowmobiles, and about anything you could think about i deal with all kinds of clutch systems i know what im talking about so i know a screwing when i see one thank you very much!!!!!
  11. I never said that $599 was a good deal for that kit, it may be, I don't know. But if you wish to infrom us about stuff it's only infromational if it's fairly represented.
    So, if you don't think something is a good deal or even think it's a ripoff tell us What It Is and why it's not worth it.
    What It Is is What It Is. But What It IS Isn't What You Said It Is.
    BTW what's an argo?
  12. fetor56

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    I would be interested to know if Ridley jazz-up their engines(same as Chris Hill/Dax 4-stroke,etc) before they sell them,& if they do exactly what do they do.
  13. What they do

    My old kodger m/c buddy saw them at the Cycleworld Show at the Tacoma Dome just south of Seattle where I live and said that they (Ridley mb's) are just up the slab about 100+/- miles in Bellingham. We wanna get up there to see the place!
    Anyway he said they were sellin quite a few of them; that they were nice bikes w/ superb fit and finish.
    He does 4 strokes too and runs'm w/o the shrouds
    I honestly don't know what the kit comes w/ I just know that they're sellin' a very functional bike w/ great fit and finish. Most come w/ lights etc etc.
    He said a lotta girls were interested! What could be bad about that?
  14. fazratz

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    ok mr know it all firebelly

    heres the skinny on what i know bout the ridley they have a machine shop that makes a couple of neet parts and yes i own 1 how do u say i bought it from a freind who let it fall off his pickup gate. so now it has a broken clutch cover i decided to buy a new cover and mount it to my frame only one problem ridley will not sell me a new part. so i decide to take it apart and see what the difference is notta thing just some pretty mounts and a fancy clutch cover. carb,clutch,piston,jug,exaust everything matches my little china made motor!! so mr vender take your i think their great and stick it i see someone who is buying cheap putting their name on it calling it better when its not!!! its like buying a chevy adding a caddy emblem the selling it for 20,000 more then its worth. yes there are folks who will buy them because of the name but they have more money then brains how would someone like it if they bent the blade on their mower come to me for a new one and i tell them they have to buy a whole new mower i dont sell just blades thats a butch of **** a part is a part if you need one you should be able to buy it from who has it. oh and buy the way an argo is a 6 or 8 wheel machine that will float it is made in canada an all tearan vehicle and yes it has a vanguard that says vanguard not argo on it . also if i dont like the motor i can replace it with another vanguard i dont have to buy a whole machine.
  15. fazratz

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    i forgot to say something, does anyone remember around 2001 well indian was selling a motorcycle where they did the same **** they used s&s motors with a few machined parts that said indian on them wel they went out of bussiness again
  16. huckersteve

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    Ahem. Sir, you should consider using punctuation when speaking on the internets. Regarding your tirade against the bikes- Please don't forget that in addition to making custom motor mounts and a decent looking tensioner, Ridley is individually sealing the top tubes of these bikes and installing a filler cap and petcock, on already painted Felt frames. Do you imagine that process takes more than a couple hours of labor? I kind of think YES. While I agree that $599 for a motor kit or $1999 for a bike is quite steep for most of us, in my opinion we can't judge too harshly because we are not the ones spending money making custom parts domestically and removing/discarding other parts and refitting motors with the new stuff. I think the price is probably a pretty fair reflection of the time invested to make a noticeable improvement in overall fit and finish on a custom build.

    I'm not rushing out to buy a Ridley built motor bike or their engine kit, but I can appreciate what they are doing for our hobby by delivering a finer executed rendition of a MB than the Wal Mart specials half the folks out there are wheezing around town on.

    Of course, this is all just my opinion, no more or less valid than yours. Mine just adheres to a few of the more common rules of grammar, unlike your last post. Flame away.

    PS- My Seville SLS is a heck of a lot more car than any dang Chevy on the road, and you can take that to the bank.
  17. Youngbird

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    Ooooo.....arent we all "hoity-toity?:sunny:
  18. fazratz

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    Oh My God Did I offend you with my grammer?

    As for my grammer it wouldn't print the word c*r*a*p. Nothing more or less, as for your Seville if it has the Northstar you have a killer machine, but as much as I love chevys if it had a 350 small block dont you think that would suck a little? And back to my Beef with Ridley, I hate theives!!!! And thats All they are, stealing a product calling it their own thats wrong and if you condone it maybe you need to take a look in the mirror yourself!!! Also something you dont know about me is I love a good argument!!!
  19. huckersteve

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    I asked for it

    Lol I know, I was cruisin' for a bruisin' my friend. We're all riders here, I understand your points, truly. I'm just saying they (Ridley) ARE doing a little more than just stealing, and I think it's evident when you see the bikes. I work for a shop that sells Felts, they're hands down the sweetest cruisers around, as for the motor kit, I don't think they are making any claims to the effect of having improved the motor at all. In my mind that clears them of allegations that they are mis-representing anything. I think the Ridley guys just saw a motor bike and though it was cute. They wanted to make one their own. I give them props for choosing a great chassis to do it on and making them available to those who want to ride but have neither the time nor "skillz" to build their own ride.

    I agree that it's weak sauce they wouldn't sell you a necessary part. That is puzzling to me as I would think they would have to support their kits and bikes if they want to have success with them. I can tell you're a wrench, so I know you must have at least a modicum of appreciation for a nice motor mount and cnc'd chain idler like the ones they are making. I just wish I could snag those parts for myself and my own HT powered bike..
  20. fazratz

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    Dang Huckersteve how am I suppost to argue with you about that? Yes felt has a kicking bike but what i did decide to do is go ahead and buy the china cover I need paint it black put some Malteze Crosses on both sides and to **** with Ridley!! But when I think about it I'm not really having a problem with the motor I've got mounted now. I have three of them my one im running a backup then the model 49 that Ridley sold my buddy. So i guess if anyone still wants to comment here kool but thats in your backyard now Be KOOL EVERYONE!!!!!