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    I have a comfort cycle with a GEBE Subaru kit on it that, until now, has always worked pretty close to flawlessly.

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    Welcome aboard.

    Are you having trouble with your GEBE? Not that I'll be able to advise, I've never owned that particular drivetrain. But others here will have the knowledge to help.

    Good luck
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    Yes, and I think it may be mechanical -there's a nut loose

    behind the controls.

    The Subaru engine wouldn't start so I did everything basic but mostly bought some starting fluid and replaced the plug, but still, so fire.

    It's a silly little single cylinder, four stroke - if I have spark and fuel it has to fire. right? But nothing after three repeated one hour attempts.

    Someone suggested that if the jets were clogged it wouldn't fire even if I squirted starting fluid into it, so I've disassembled the carb and am putting it back together. Next step is a $65 carb replacement.

    I have better luck with motorcycle and car engines than I do with small engines.