initial setup questions re wolfpack + kill switch

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by happyjourney, Apr 22, 2012.

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    I'm just finally getting my bike setup and haven't gotten it running but was wondering how i'm supposed to hook up the kill switch. the kill switch i have has as i remember a yellow wire with a red stripe running down the side of it and a green wire. my wolfpack cdi is setup just like the bottom two drawn pictures say.
    I can't seem to get it running but i'm not sure gas is getting to the engine yet as i haven't opened the float bowl and i think my fuel filter is on correctly (the little black ring inside is pointing back up the fuel line towards the tank). i installed a automotive fuel line extension to my fuel intake line like this page has so i think it could take longer to get fuel in to the engine. my engine mount is also brushing my chain... i have to take the chain off so i can sawzall that part of the mount off. i have a sha 15.15 with a choke line lever. should i pour some fuel in thru the spark plug hole? i mixed castor 927 at 25 to 1 in my mixmizer and added it to and shook my gas up before i put it in the tank. i rode it all around the block dropping the clutch and was surprised that it didn't nearly stop my bike as i expected it to. it did tighten the chain and give added torque so i know the clutch is working. i don't have a car and am homeless so a tow behind isn't an option. i haven't checked the spark on the engine fins either and i had to go take the bus to go get some bolts to tie the muffler back out of the way of my pedals but just thought i'd shoot this line out there. main questions: how do i hook the kill switch up to this setup, i saw one post saying you hook it up to the white wire. i've got two wires. i remember reading a post by some hawaiian guy or something saying you shouldn't hook it up such and such a way cuz you could burn up your cdi or something. i've heard i shouldn't hook up the kill switch til i get it running in case its defective. any thing i'm forgetting or don't know. sorry about the blatherring.