Have you ever been injured?

  • I am too smart to be injured.

    Votes: 15 15.8%
  • I am too lucky to be injured.

    Votes: 33 34.7%
  • I broke a bone.

    Votes: 18 18.9%
  • I broke a couple bones.

    Votes: 13 13.7%
  • Had stitches.

    Votes: 20 21.1%
  • Totaled my bike.

    Votes: 14 14.7%
  • I ended up in the hospital.

    Votes: 22 23.2%

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My worse bike injury is a hairline fracture to my left ulna last winter. It was on my trusty old Huffy Good Vibrations cruiser. I was jumping off a curb showing off. Bad idea. The bike didnt get a scratch!
At various times, I've broken bones. I've had stiches (no hands, standing on the crossbar, that was a good one), I've totaled bikes and I've ended up in the hospital, once for a long time (Cager pulled into my lane, going the other way).
It seems like during that moment between realization of the situation, and the actual impact, the phrase "Here we go!" runs through my mind.

I have clear safety glasses and Stihl official "chainsawing tuff" shades. Insects have always been my nemisis, (since I only wear my orange Stihl helmet in urban situations).

Early evening, when the martins and bats come out to feast is when midges and gnats are worst, so don't smile "wide open", else you swallow a few.

June bug/Japanese beetle season is OVER, but one of those will put a thunkin' on your noggin.

And I remember vividly having a bumblebee land on my left shoulder, and he dug his talons into my shirt deeeeeeep, I tried swatting with my throttle hand a few times, had to come to a quick stop to pry him off me.
Nothing related to bikes so far...

put my face through a plate glass window when I was 3

2nd degree burns in church, at the age of 2 years old

anyone spotting a trend here - so did the authorities.

since then I've been pretty lucky, its been things like wiplash and so on from car accidents...

Jemma xx

iv raced bikes since i was 7 well iv face planted a car head on when i was 10 parked thank god whent skiping down a streat on a lope when it was wet cause of crash blow out on rear of bmx bike then ther was one time slamed in to a mail box when me and 5 others where hill raceing was shvoed off the road then once was haveing a cool idea that was takeing a bmx bike and trying to do tricks on a trampolin well a back flip was not a good idea first try handle bars in the face from afterbonuce knocked out the

then i did a 12 foot gap jump going down heal no one was ballsy innof to do it so i whent and did it will carshed cliped the lip and when flying head first in to the ground broke my collor bone and still road back home which was 10mil away and whent to the hospital the next day when i noticed my finger could fit inside the collor bone so yeah

then during a race i messed up in a race and got a tip of the handle bar in the chest ow then there was a time i was blizting down the road at night my freind passed me up and blew a tire maid us crash and almost die do to on comeing traffic have a hole in my leg from the peg

well had a bright idea to do a tail whip off my house to a quater pipe well nutcraker bally any one my voice ultra sqeakky

well jumping a van from a kiker ramp when drunk = face plant in to side of van hahaha

then i did some damge to my bike when i did something called the leap of faith trashed my frame 25 step stair case leap from the top the frame cripled and rims tacoed

grinding aluminum with metal = sticky pegs propeld off 10 foot high rail to streat

back woods raceing did jump hit tree. (who planted that new tree in the race path dang hippis!!!)

then totaled my MB and got that road rash you all saw that then trying to do a weilly at 25 not good hurt my foot

but yeah ther is much more but cant rmember right now later

and have only broke one bone unreal but true
there wasn't a "just road rash" option...had plenty of that.
broken bones were given during fighting and motocrossing, not motoredbiking.

edit: didnt know if u meant injuries solely from motorbiking or not
I did mean bike injuries only, sorry I didnt clarify that!

oh yeah i did forget roadrash. i have had plenty of that.
i have learned a trick. i avoid injuries by pretending like i am invisable. i treat every car like they they are going to pop out in the bike lane and make me slam on the brakes. i ring my Electra Bell frequenty and try to make eye contact constantly. i always anticipate the cars not seeing me and slow down to see what they are going to do. A few years ago I was regularly cussing out cars, breaking very dramatically right on the car doors, yelling and screaming. Then my dad had a bicyclist in Berkeley, Ca throw and rock at his drivers window "for no reason because those tight pants-guys are road nazis" and made me consider others feelings, and the fact that they cant see me. Now when pedestrians are in the bike lane, I stop hop off and walk. When people cut me off I just slow down and smile. I guess it all comes with getting older and I just dont have the energy anymore to cuss and yell all the time.
yeah, my friend got ticket here in Tucson for turning right in the bike lane. The law is you wait and turn right behind the traffic that is going straight. i am educating all my friends and co-workers to be aware of bikes.
another thing we all know is no matter how bad ther repution of senior citizen drivers, they always see me, its the young people and people on cell phones that dont see us.