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  1. wan37

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    I have a 26" wheel and keep getting flats.Whats the best tube?I got a 2 stroke in frame chain driven.I just bought some new rim tape and new semi knobby tire so what inner tube to you fellows recommended to use when I put it all back together.?
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  2. Anton

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    Try a heavy duty tube made of thicker rubber.
  3. Fabian

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    Do a Google search for "Thorn Proof Inner Tube with Tyre Sealant"
  4. darwin

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    Thorn resistant tube, tire liner plus a kevlar lined tire = Nomoflats and a smile on your face.
  5. geebt48cc

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    Also Wan, whatever combo you get, put a bit of "Tire Slime" in tube. Just read up on this stuff..............
  6. grinningremlin

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    Thorn-resistant tubes and tire liners have taken me over crap roads, grass burs/goatheads galore, for over 1000 miles so far no flats.I don't recommend any "in-tube" juice be it Stans or Slime.If you're a tube swapper it's OK, but repairing a tube/tire with it all over is next to impossible (yes sometimes it don't work).
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  7. wally

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    The kevlar tyre liner works for me! I ride on the sidewalk and go off into the dirt/thorny area when I approach pedestrians. I used to end up with a puncture on every trip. Well no more after fitting the liner.
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  9. CHEWY60

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    Stopped by my local walmart and checked out their tube offerings. They had two different brands of tubes already loaded with slime priced at approx $7-$10. They also had another no flat tube filled with solid foam. These were much more at about $20 apiece but looks like your tire would wear out before they did. Looks like you could just replace your tire and keep on rolling with these. Has anybody had any experience with these type tubes yet. I am getting ideas for my first build., Panama Jack Cruiser w/Grubee 48cc slant fire Skyhawk. Thanks
  10. MikeJ

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    I think we all know that flat-tire experience. Here are a few ideas: I placed cheap knobby tires inside the road tires I have. It puts distance between the outer surface and the inner tube. As I got more flats, I place the punctured tube as a liner to the new inner tube, putting another one-eighth of an inch between the road and the inner tube. Did that a second time with the knobby tire and have not had a flat in 600 files or so. But this is more costly than average and is a real pain to repair. But no flats equals no repair time.

    Another guy purchases extra thick wall inner tubes. Then he doubles the amount of that Slime stuff to about 8 ounces per tire. He claims he never gets flats. Maybe a better option.

    I think we all learn that going cheap on the tires is not a good idea. But when your day comes and you run over a framing nail that will stop a Mack truck (like I did), be grateful that you carried your cell phone with you and you pre-arranged some backup support to come and get you. (It costs me a steak dinner every time I have to call for help.)
  11. geebt48cc

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    That's pretty good Mike. The main idea is just don't get a cheap tire!! It's a situation of paying me now, or later!!!!!~
  12. SuperDave

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    Chewy60 - Don't get the foam tubes, they feel squirrely on corners and curves. I know from riding a set on a standard street pedal bike - no motor. I didn't like it one bit, felt like it was under-inflated. I know I wouldn't want one on my MB.