Innovative rain trousers coming to kickstarter

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Ionut, Oct 9, 2015.

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    Hi Everyone!

    Ionut from VEAR here.

    On October the 22nd we're launching our product on Kickstarter and we are gathering some feedback from potentially interested people prior to the campaign, in order to improve it. Hope you will help! :D

    Our product is a pair of rain pants with the main feature of taking it off in a second. On our website we have a brief presentation of the product.

    We asked on other forums as well and some of the feedback was in regards to the video, which is a bit cheesy but we have that covered. We have a second improved version of the video for the campaign.

    We were also asked if they are breathable. They are (waterproof 15000mm; breathable 3000+MVP); an in-depth fabrics technical description will be displayed on the campaign page.
    The price we are considering to set for it would be $79.90 for early bird and $89.90 normal price, with worldwide shipping included, but it's up to change until we do all the calculations.

    What are your thoughts in regards to the product and the presentation, price?

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  3. Ionut

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    Though a nice product, it seems a bit steep $$-wise for what it is.I'll say, most on this forum are probably too poor/thrifty (myself included) to consider $80 for weather proof pants.It's our fault for becoming addicted to chinese crap, but it's true and many of us have unknowingly based our lives around that kind of budget.I bought a pair of oversized starter wind-pants, split the seams, sewed in velcro (easy on easy off wet or dry), all for $20.
    Bring the shipped price to $50 and I'll buy a pair.

    PS: The bike forums without engines, those guys spend crazy $$, make sure you hit all bike forums, motorcycle forums.You could market them to soccer-moms as well (BIG $$), if you can get women to look at them as a fashion statement, you'll be set for life.It will take reverse psychology, hint, americans are lazy as a rule, use it to your advantage, women here go shopping in their sweatpants and pajamas.
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    Stop spamming. You have made several threads already. What does this have to do with motorized bikes? Most people don't ride in the rain...