Install Procedure Q-matic Rerofit To Grubee Engine Kit

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    Today, it was very nice, so I decided to attempt to retrofit my grubee HS-142f engine/gearbox with the new q-matic drive I purchased. I'm not a motorcycle mechanic but I got some tips from my brother who is a mechanic.
    The EZ Company provided no instructions though I had requested some.
    The install was pretty easy, and the fit of the q-matic to the engine was
    excellent. I was very impressed how it all went together, and the width of the engine increased by 1/8 of an inch. The Grubee gearbox is 1-5/8 inches wide and the Q-matic is 1-6/8 inches wide, so the pedals easily cleared the drive with no additional work needed. I also liked the angle of the drive, higher than the Grubee gearbox. Here's the procedure I followed:

    1. Remove the chain guard.
    2. Unloosen the clutch cable to the gearbox.
    3. Remove the three bolts outside the Grubee gearbox and take off the outer
    4. Remove two bolts left on the inner gearbox side, and pop off this side with a screwdriver.
    5. What's left is the clutch and a bolt in the center of the motor shaft locking on the keyway on the shaft. Remove this by placing a small piece of wood between the flywheel and the red start switch mount on the other side of the engine, and unloosen and remove the keyway shaft bolt, while preventing piston movement with the lodged wood. The bolt comes off easy.
    6. Remove the clutch by hand, filing the keyway a little if necessary. My clutch came off very easy with a little cleaning up of the keyway.
    7. Remove the keyway with a small screwdriver by simply prying it up. It comes off easiy. And clean the shaft and apply some oil to the shaft.
    8. The bolts that attach the Grubee gearbox are too long to mount the q-matic, so I used 4 washers on three remaining bolts and purchased a new bolt, 4 necessary to mount the q-matic.
    9. Mount the q-matic to the engine with four bolts.
    10. Mount the q-matic pulley to the engine by putting the keyway inside the pulley and pushing the pulley and keyway on the shaft at one time. Do not pound the pulley over the shaft with the keyway on the shaft, as this could push the keyway back and bind the pulley. When done right the pulley slides on with hand pressure only.
    11. When the pulley is on the shaft, align it so the belt lines up with the idler pulley and there is no contact with any other parts, like bolts.
    12. Finally tighten the set screw on the pulley. The pulley is mounted with the set screw facing the motor.
    12. Install the fiberglass cover, and you're done.
    This is about a 1.5 hour job.
    Please be advised I do not represent the EZ Company so these instructions are mine only, what I did.
    Note: I used the keyway already on the engine as it fit better than the keyway provided by the EZ Company.