Install question (chain)



Can someone explain how to "break" and shorten the chain???

Also, how exactly does the clutch work. I took off the cover and it looks like it's a rotating peg that pushes the center pin in...should I be able to get the final drive gear to disengage from the engine without everything running? Right now (without engine running) it seems like the clutch is stuck or something.

Thanks in advance for the help!
i dont know how helpfull this is the way i did it was i went to walmart and got the bicyle chain breaker and took out the hammer pin and then i set the chain on a bolt so that when i hit the chain with the hammer it would have a place to go i also belive you might be able to do it with a nail instead of a pin

as for the clutch it needs to be on there realy tight
Ok, the chain will break if you buy the $5 chain tool and keep the chain in it with a pair of pliers. Others have placed it sideways on something and hit the pin with a nail to pop the pin out.

The clutch is weird and was a major sticking point for me, you basically have to have ALL the slack taken out of the cliutch cable. On vs off is only a half inch if you have the engine mounted already grab the frame with your thumb and the clutch with your finger and you'll see how much force it takes to un-pop the clutch.
cool thanks for the info guys.

The pin that you pop out of the it one single pin in the whole chain, or can you "pop the pin" out of any link in the chain?
You can pop out any pin on the chain. It works great if you grind down the little "pin" so it is flat with the chain link, and then hit the pin out with a nail or
set. Make sure you hit out the right pin so the master link fits
Chain links

I just grinded my chain pin end with a hand held grinder and pulled the link apart with pliers.
grinding the chain and knocking it out with a rubber hammer and a pin (or nail works fine too) is the best way to go. its quick, efficient and difficult to mess up. There are videos on youtube about this procedure.
I been grinding the pins down from the time I raced gokarts. I never saw anybody use a chain breaker except for bicycle chains. Only thing I do different is I use a cold chisel and hammer to seperate the plate.