Installation of the spark plug.

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    When attempting to put the "Boot" from the CDI box onto the top of the spark plug, I found that I absolutely CAN NOT fit the Spark Plug into the "Boot" with the "Screw on cap" thing on top. It will not fit, at all. I have three spark plugs, and absolutely none of them will go into the boot. I actually pressed so hard I bent the metal on one of the "Caps", and snapped on of the plastic "Boots" from the CDI in half. Hooray. I had a spare.

    So anyway, I found that the only way I can get my "Boot" onto my spark plug is by unscrewing the metal cap, and putting the CDI boot onto my spark plug with the Threaded metal "Screw" exposed. As the picture shows.

    Am I doing something wrong? Because my engine absolutely refuses to start, and although the engine turns over when I engage the clutch, it will not go.

    Fuel lines open - Check.
    All wires connected - Check.
    Absolutely no start.

    Please let me know whether the Boot Cap goes onto the Spark plug with the threaded part exposed, or the metal "Bolt" over it.

    Please see attachment...

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    Hey rains..ENO (Down Under)..Had some problems with mine too but after looking at it and getting help from MBc it got fixed...leave the black protector and weather casing over the unit..the "cap" screws into the fitting to secure it and the small "c" clip grabs the plug threads to make it secure..I put a small dab of good adhesive to the outer sides of the cap to make sure it was secure and did not come out if you pulled of the protector..No more probs..bad design but easily fixed..ENO
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    hey mate just get rid of that whole set up and get a 7. 8.or 9mm car ignition lead runs so mutch better