Installed motor yesterday, 1st build so far unsuccessful

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by bonescrub, Oct 19, 2008.

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    Well friend and I installed the kit yesterday, had very few problems during the install biggest issue was the frame diameter of my bike was too large and not a cylindrical shape, resolved that by bolt a bracket to the frame and bolting the engine to the bracket. well then when i was ready to start it up i had issues with the tensioner it was not tight enuff, the diameter of my frame where the tensioner is mounted was not large enough diameter, so i fixed that. Then the tensioner kept "coming off track" would not stay "true" it would get very wobbly just the part where the chain rode on it.
    So i bought an engine idler (sp?) it just a slight bigger version of the tensioner that has a bearing inside of it so it spins freely. seemed to fix the problems i was having with the chain.
    Then when was attempting to start it the chain broke. Lost the master link, and of course it was late enough in the day that a replacement could not be located.

    How hard is the engine to start? what is the sequence i should use?
    any thoughts and how my chain broke?


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    I'm no expert but here is my 2 cents. I don't think your chain broke but the master link probably just came off. The master links are not very good but can work if you pay close attention to how they work and make sure that the tension on the spring clip is good, it is properly seated in the groove and most importantly put on in the correct direction. The closed end of the retaining clip should be pointed in the direction of the chain rotation. That way if it does contact something it will try and force itself on instead of removing itself. You can also remove the master link all together. Just use a chain breaker and make the chain the correct length.

    Start up procedure, turn on fuel petcock, put choke on, lever up, push the small brass tickler button on left side of carb a few times. Pedal and release the clutch. After that you will want to start opening the choke a little at a time until it is warmed up. Good luck.
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    yeah it was the master link i forgot to say that. it was seated and seemed ok. when it came apart , the master link came apart and i lost the link and the clip.

    anyway i am hoping tractor supply has some master links. cant think of anywhere else to go on a sunday.
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    cheap chain tool at WalMart -- 5 bucks

    yes - or if you just want straight chain with no lenk

    I saw a cheap chain tool at WalMart for 5 bucks

    ride that thing
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    i bought that tool and i think its too small for my chain
    not sure what size i have but i have been told its not a # 41 chain

    HERPER Member

    yea same here.. you need a motorcycle/ dirtbike chain tool. its a little wider and can accommodate the bigger chain
  7. bonescrub

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    well just finished looking at it found a temp fix for the chain issue. I think part of the problem is the tensioner, alignment of the chain the way it feed the rear sprocket, or the motor mounts. (the motor gets forced in a left down ward direction when it encounters resistance, which i believe is from the alignment of the chain or the tensioner in same way.

    I will probably be redoing the tensioner and see if there is any way i can correct issues there, first. as far as alignment not sure what i can do.
    I just feel that chain is need feeding right at the rear sprocket.

    any suggestions?
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    Don't use the chain tensioner for now(just to get your bike going) BUT do a Search here for other peoples home-made/store bought chain tensioner solutions.
    Large has a good solution & so do other ppl.
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    nevermind lol never understand lol
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