installed the uncle-punk light mount

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    Rif's idea for a cool light mount worked really good.I did my own mods to his idea,but as usual---I screwed up---forgot to tighted the light BALE or front ring and it vibratted loose and broke a great looking glass lens.THe mount worked out great.Now when I have time must search for a lens or sealed beam light to fit the housing.---stay tuned----sam

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    Bummer about the lens! I am glad the mount worked out cool for ya! Can't wait to see pics. BTW- Where on earth did you find that girder type front fork?!?
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    I'd been looking for two years---off and on.Not easy to find but they did build a lot of them.I really think most that would have them think no one wants them.Or the think there made of gold.The one I got and the frame was offered as a buy it now---100 Au dollars(about $80 at the time)When he saw where I lived he even offered to let me out of the bid---he didn't know I REALLY wanted that fork.Total with shipping was around $160.
    There seems to be a lot of motorbike stuff on ebay.France.Look under Velos to start with.You'll have to play around with it---one neet thing I've learned is if you book mark the idem on it shows in "my Ebay" on the usa side but when you try to bring it up it tells if it's avalable to the US.Some things are some an't---like the rear drive williams motorwheel that went for about $250(US)!!!
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    Take your light (or just the securing bale) down to a picture frame shop, and get them to cut you a new lens out of framers glass. Every such shop I've ever dealt with had the suction cup centered glass scribving tool to cut any desired circle for you, and the proper flat grip pliers to snap off the waste cleanly. It's even pretty cheap, generally.
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    That is one very nice classic look for a headlight. What is the lens diameter on that?
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    I love it! Is that a Crescent, Craftsman or Snap-On? :grin5: