Installing a shift kit on a 20"?

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    Hi Forum,
    I was having the issue with my throttle sticking wide open, followed the suggestions but nothing seemed to work out. When I backed out the float adjustment sleev (the thing that covers the bottom of the needle and holds the float down), the little 48cc china motor finished backing it out for me, and the bike kept flooding!!! Well I corrected that with good old superglue. Now it's working okay, but the throttle STILL seems to be halve open. That is TOTALLY my fault, I believe. When I modified the throttle to be a thumb instead of a twist, I feel I cut the throttle cable too short, and the JB Welded a nipple on the end of the cable (to hold the cable inside the thumb throttle). Truth being told, I am actually beginning to enjoy the throttle, except during u-turns (especially on gravel).

    So instead of keeping throwing money into my prototype MB, I have decided to make a better one. I was considering another Wal-Mart bike - this time I'd try one of their 'Roadmaster Granite Peak' bikes for $88. I read their reviews from past customers, and it gives decent ratings by more than one person. Their 'Scwinn Clairmont' also looks suitable, it's a cruiser and more expensive, though. (here in the White Mountains of AZ, shopping is limited. WM'll bring it to the door for a buck!). THEN, I started thinking about possibly a shift kit ... but those run around $250. I am not too sure about putting that and and another motor with a dellorto SHA carb on a hundred dollar bike. I started looking around on eBay, and discovered I could pick up a real STEEL Schwinn 20" frame quite reasonably. Since I am only 5'7" (170cm), I believe that would be a great fit for me to just stick my leg down and I could stand flat-footed.

    With respect to installing a shift kit on the 20" I'm considering ... what about the frame??? I don't think it will actually be wide enough to fit a 10 speed cassette, or an 8 speed, either. If the frame isn't wide enough, can I play Hercules and simply bend it, or would that snap the frame? Am I gonna have to search for possibly a thinner cassette containing maybe only 5 or 3 different gears? (I hope not).

    Any thoughts would be appreciated ... Thanks in advance!!!