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Discussion in 'Video Gallery' started by will_start, Mar 22, 2008.

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    I've posted this link on another post about installing a toggle switch.

    I feel a few people who are reading since the incident need some
    cheering up or moral boosting.

    and an expression of the pain some may have felt
    recently, is sorta expressed in some of the songs.

    I didn't realise my own choice of music was a reflection of
    the recent incident here, until I reflected how apt it was.

    anyhow here's the link.


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    is that switch for kill? and great vid! i ,like that first song-its oh guitar hero lol. cant pass by american woman either :)
  3. will_start

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    yes tater, thank you for catching me on that.

    I should have included the link to the thread it came from,
    was tired last night when posting.

    This is the link that started the kill switch idea for me.

    I went there, and the post for the video, I thought I'd put there was
    either deleted or what I thought I'd posted, did not arrive.
    Probably the last option.

    So I updated that thread just now, with a link to the vid.
    So thanks for helping me by accident to check my own post.
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