Installing an "Inline Fuel Filter"

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    Hey again. Did some research, but still couldn't find what I was looking for. In one of the newby guides, it suggests that you install an "Inline fuel filter" in your new Gas tank. Can anyone link me to, or explain to me what the heck that means? :confused:

    Also, how do you "Gap" a spark plug?

    Gahgh, so... much... confusion.

    Thank you in advance to those who help me out.


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    in the gas line from your gas tank to carb -- put in a filter

    buy a feeler gauge at auto parts store -- so as to set the gap

    ride that MB thing
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    Remember there is a right way up for the fuel filter and there is usually an arrow marking the direction of fuel flow. To set the spark plug gap you need to take it out of the cylinder and the gap is at the bottom end.
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    If you've already installed the kit and have gas in the line then shut off the tank petcock and clamp down the carb end of it and pull it off. Then drain the gas in the line into a can or something. Cut it in the middle and install the filter with the directional arrow pointing to the carb. You want the filter somewhere in the middle so that you have nice smooth bends around it not sharp bends like you'd have if you put it directly off the tank or carb.
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    Thank you.

    Hey, thanks a ton, I REALLY appreciate all of the information. I admit, "Gapping" a spark plug I didn't research too well, after spending an hour looking for information on how to install an "Inline fuel line" on a 1/2 gallon Motor bicycle with no success, I had lost a bit of hope. Thank you so much for the info though.

    In about 4 days I'll be building my first bike, and it would kill me to mess it up, trying my absolute hardest to make it at LEAST "Runable". Never had ANY mechanical, motor, or wiring experience in my life. :/ I'm so grateful for the help. Thank you guys.
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    You are welcome Rainsawk. In a few months time you will become a mechanical maestro yourself - those 2-stroke Chinese motors have that affect on their owners whether they like it or not.
    You will find everything you need to know on this forum. This is an incredible resource and it's free.
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    Inline Fuel Filter

    Thanks, Irish John. I honestly hope so. I get the feeling the moment the engine starts I'll be inseperable from it; I'm just hoping I don't blow myself up in the process!
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    dont worry the gaps not that important.every spark plug i ever bought was close enough.