Installing motor mounts

Adam Livingston

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Apr 9, 2008
Newbie here and have a few questions ... suppose I should put into individual posts for easier searching in the future. I just bought a SE motor kit and am installing on a classic schwinn crusier frame.

Motor Mount Questions:

1.) Are there any tricks or pit falls to look out for before installing the motor mounts? As they are welded on I want to make sure I get it right.

2.) Do they make and should I consider clamp on motor mounts instead to allow for fine adjustments... and perhaps weld them on later?

More questions to come...


just brazed on motor mounts. set the engine in with the bike frame laying on something soft like your lawn.. I found that the bottom mount needs to be more at an up angle than level in the horizontal plane. up as in up towards the headtube. the top mount piece should not be set square to the seat tube, so as you lay it to the tube it would line up to the center line of the tube and point more up to the top tube. I layed it in square and had to cut a bit off the bottom to have it line up correctly. see my intro post recently as 4 stroke n. cal convert. w.
Hi Adam, I'm about to mount the engine in my frame and was wondering how yours turned out . Did you weld or braze your mounts or did you opt for clamp-on type motor mounts ? I'm trying to learn from the expierence of others.

Thanks Steve
Hi Quenton, Thanks for the tip on Memory Lane Classics. I think I will go with brazing the supplied mounts for my kit , but I'd really like to know if there has been any history of vibration related mount failures using welded or brazed motor mounts. I may be wrong but I think welding (unless done by a highly skilled welder) on the thin walled tubing of a bicycle frame could easily produce a weaker mount attachment than brazing. Of course brazing must also be done properly to obtain good results. Comments please.

Thanks Steve
Hi Steve,
I own a welder, but don't know [or care to learn] how to use it. I have never encountered a broken welded motor mount on any Whizzer, vintage or new edition.
Except for my 1950 Pacemaker & Sportsman all of my vintage Whizzzers use the rubber clamp mounts. The clamp mounts absorb a lot of the motor vibrations, and can be moved around for a perfect fit.
Weld on or clamp on, either way you will enjoy the Whizzer motor.

Have fun,
Hi Quenton,
Thanks for the information on the mounts. I'm re-thinking the fixed mounts versus the clamp-ons ,seems the clamp-ons may help eliminate both alignment and vibration problems. I'm going to the meet in portland In. in July and hope to meet you and some of this other members of this forum there. Thanks again.