Instant friends, just add bike.


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10:16 AM
May 2, 2008
Northern Suburbs, Adelaide, South Australia
Hi all, just came back from my usual evening ride, made a new friend tonight, just for riding down a street. I decided while I was out (I do 5-10 kays each night to chip away at the Kms I need to do to run the motor in) to ride to my folks house to say hi. I had just pulled up on their driveway when I hear another motored bike. I roll down the driveway to see a bike riding down their street.

So full of curiosity I rode after him, he had turned at the end of the street and we passed eachother. Each of us looked over our shoulders and turned around and met.

Instant friend time.

Its funny, 2 people who have never met, suddenly chatting like old friends in the middle of a street for 10 odd minutes, at night. Would have been longer if I didnt decide to head off to visit my folks.

He bought the bike secondhand off eBay, looks like a 70cc (or 66cc to be exact), he has owned it for only a couple of weeks.

If we get another adelaide members meet organised I am sure he will get a kick comming along.

I saw a guy riding an MB with an HT in my town, but I was in my truck and didn't get the chance to talk to him... I believe he's on this site, though, but he doesn't seem to be that active. Hopefully I'll see him again and "run him down!" Hahaha! :cool:
Neat story Simon... I wish that I could find someone where I live that had a mb too. I figure if I ride long enough I will find someone who wants me to help build them one and then I will have a riding buddy. I think it's cool that having a mb means "instant" friends. It's so neat seeing someone else that has one (or it has to be since I don't have mine yet). I think it's just great! Did ya'll exchange info or anything? That would have been a great way to keep in touch and do some rides together.
How true it is! - I had the motor, but no bike at the time. I had seen a bike going up our hill, but he wasn't peddling? - so I waited for him. Figured he had to come back sooner or later. And sure enough, while saying goodnight to my daughter on the 2nd floor, I saw him coming down the street. I yelled out the window for him to stop. And sure enough he did. His name was Doug, and we talked for over 20 minutes. He lived just one street over from me and is the dog groomer for my next door neighbors dogs. He was on his 3rd ride on the bike. He visits this site, but is not a member.
We exchanged cards and I will be calling him tomorrow to help me w/ my maiden voyage on my bike. It's great to have someone there who will be able to assist when things don't go as planned.

I also ran into another guy at the EXXON station. He was on his way to work, so not much time to talk, but that's two bikes in a town of 54,000 in one week.

Yeah, I would say this will be a wave of the future.

Pic of my bike, just because!!:D
Yep, the tank is in the bag!


Troy Fitz.


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good try - you must have recognized the rims

No, it's actually an 1986 Mazda Rx7 w/ a punch out 302 w/ an 8 piece widebody kit that I also modified. I will be finishing that project soon as well.

The rims - are Mustang CobraR.

So now you have it all figured out. For me to afford to drive this car, I built this bike. :cool:


Troy Fitz.


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Nice, this summer i have a BMW and a mazda miata, i am going to put 302 in both of them.

I also going to go bigblock with my 87 mustang. thinking about upgrading to a 460, but its expensive.
right now i have a 351 runing mid-high 6's in the 1/8 mile, and with the 460 i should get in the low 5's. (7's in the 1/4)