Intake Manifold - Engine Bog

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  1. Xandelee

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    hello everybody
    Let me resume a poblem that a am having
    I find out that my engine bogging at full throtle that dont let the bike speed to the top was the 2 screws from the back engine mount suport that wont were tighten up hard enought, when this poblem occur i tight it up and it is solved.
    But now the bogging wont go away even tighting the screws and it is not speeding up to max like it should be.
    Suddenly an poblem started that and did the bog dissapear, with the rpm going to the max when idle, i discovered fast that was a problem in the intake manifold gasket, i fixed it by placing an exaust liquid gasked in the intake manifold hole in the gasket, then the rpm at idle have back to normal but the bog went back, i instantly todd that the poblem is with the air flux but i checked it all and it is all clear in the carb and the all the neddle mount go all to the top letting the air come in at max flux normaly so now i cant understand why when it is with the gasket problem it runs to the top speed and with it fixed it bogs :confused:
    someone can help me?
    -Sorry my English im from Brazil hope everybody understand-
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  2. motorpsycho

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    NORMALLY a bog is caused by the carb. being too lean (too much air, not enough fuel) you may have to adjust the clip on the needle and throttle slide inside the carb.
  3. Xandelee

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    the needle clip came at level 2 ive put it on level 3 but no diference, but what is throttle slide? i think there is not enought air
  4. Hawaii_Ed

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    WOT bog is a dangerous lean situation that can melt a hole in the piston. (Ask me how I know!)

    The clip only adjusts low speed settings, and does nothing for wide open throttle.

    It is most likely the base gasket, make sure the head is tight, the seal around the carb can also leak, might need an O-ring, etc. Is the engine oily or anything?

  5. motorpsycho

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    good point ed. i didn't notice that he said "bog at w.o.t."
  6. Xandelee

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    i opened my carb air intake and it has acumulated gas i cleaned it and a few days i opened to check and it has acumulated gas again its being all wet maybe its to much fuel