intake manifolds cast vs chrome



Hi lads,

I need some to take proper measurements of chrome intake pipe of 80cc and cast one i want to see how much bigger the the chrome instake as people claim it is

need the id "inner dimensions"

maybe some allready know what they can you post them

what kinda measurements are you looking for? the diameters and the distances to the corner and stuff? I'm at college til friday, but when i made my manifold, the puter diameter is .750" (3/4") and i driled out the inner diameter to .65625" (21/32") I'm not sure on the distances to the inside edges, though. and the inside drill could prob. be a little smaller if wanted, because with this setup i used, i only had about .050" wall thickness, which isn't much, but gets the job done. You could also use probably a 5/8" (.625") inner diameter if you wanted it to be a little strudier with 1/16" (.0625") wall thickness. when i get home, i'll get you the rest of the measurements off the stock chrome manifold. what exactly are you trying to do as a casting?

oh wait... or are you comparing the two: cast and chrome? i'm not sure.... i only have a chrome one.

i mainly need the inside diameter of the chrome intake pipe not the lenght just circle diameter

well, i dont have to part here, but i'm pretty sure it's right around .650". I'll double check on friday if you still need it.

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