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    Nice looking bike............

    Awesome to hear, because I weigh about 255. I'm pleased with my 66cc now, but I've been reading that it helps low to mid torque to lengthening intake 8 or 8.5"?

    I've put on expansion,copper plug wire,plug,milled & ported, with free air filter, but haven't increased intake YET? So, do you have any tips in doing that?

    PS: Using stock 44T................:whistling:

    Thanks Glen
  3. thank you geebt48cc the intake is 81/2 " form the jug its has nice torque rite up to mid range them it takes about 2 secnds then top range kicks in its faster but my speedo :poop: the bed running a 44 tooth did run at about 31 mph o i drilled and tap the bard fitting and barzed it then then used jb weld to seal it for the boost bottle
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