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  1. pdcomm

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    Hi ,
    I'm new to this forum . I've had an interest in bicycle 'conversions' for most of my life .
    I'm an old hat when it comes to motors and such . Motorcycles have held my attention for the most part .
    Here's the 2 wheelers I currently have :
    1982 Honda CB750 Custom
    1989 Yamaha XT350
    1984 Suzuki FA50
    1958 Simplex Automatic

    I've built the Honda and Yamaha from collected parts and rebuilt the Suzuki from a run down beat up barn find .
    The Simplex is currently dismantled .
    Here's what it should look like when completed ( probably the closest thing I have to a motorized bike ) :

    I've built a 3 wheeler for a special needs boy that my brother in law suggested and helped design . That was a fun project and the smile on the boys face made it all well worth while . We thought about motorizing that bike , but then thought better of it .
    Here it is :

    Anyway , It's nice to be here . I hope to pick up a few 'secrets' and maybe even share a few .

    Pete . :)

  2. curtisfox

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    Welcom aboard maybe check out the DIY on this fourm or even the Board tracker section .....Curt
  3. darwin

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    This a motor assisted bicycle forum. What is your ?.
  4. curtisfox

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    Just another another of the same,but seems to be more home builds Do It Your self builds Check it out you can learn from both...........Curt
  5. V 35

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    Great Trike, I like the idea of using Bike Frames, How about a tandem trike, where both riders pedal side by side, and each has a tiller [ half a handlebar ] ? Your design looks well suited , thanks for posting it.
  6. pdcomm

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    Thanks for the welcome and suggestions curtisfox and Thanks for the compliment V35 and you're welcome .

    I would think a full sized tandem trike would be a fairly easy project and while in the design stage , incorporate a little 'helper' . I've seen a motorized tandem , with a child seat on the rear , if I recall correctly . A family affair , so to speak . :)
    I'll post a link if I can find it again .