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Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by mountain80, Oct 11, 2008.

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    So here a good one, just finished matching and smoothing all my ports, cut 0.050'' off my head, matched all gaskets, have a siliconed and oringed carb, and taper bored out the step you find just after the choke plate on the intake of the carb(basically tapered it out for smooth flow) the carb wants no choke to start at at all. I pedal it , crack the throttle and she goes. After all this work the engine was burning rich so i redrilled the jet to 0.026 thou and i have a nice tan color perhaps a little dark tan but better safe than sorry. It accelerates well but wont get into that 2 stroke smoothness unless you accelerate or you are wide full open. If you are running say 80 % throttle it goes from 2 strokin to 4 strokin, back and forth a bit. The second oddity is that you have to turn the idle up quite a bit to idle when it is cold but after she warms up you have to turn it down quite abit as its probably idling at 2500 rpm. I tried the carb mod with the drilled hole and all on my other carb and it did not work. If any one has thoughts let me know.

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    UPDATE- #1- got the bike warmed up and idling, slowly put the choke on to full choke and it slightly rises in rpm therefore its lean in the first bit, got out the dremel and marked with a marker while in the carb the aproximate area to sand and polish down. it now idles better, we will do a cold start shortly and see how that goes.
    #2 it is was running rich(4 stroking) in the mid and upper mid range till it gets on the main jet. I have a new needle that has 5 notches in it instead of the typical four so I dropped it to number 2. This coincides with a lean idle as i have measured where the taper on the needle ends and in the idle area where it sits it was a straight shank. So basically i have put a second taper in the idle to off idle area.