Interesting dude



While we where moving the shop this week we had a guy come to the shop on his ELECTRIC MOTORISED BIKE he has 2 gray headed parrots riding on the handlebars (that was sooo kool ) he is an x army hippy that served in the same area I did. He wanted to know about our little gas powered bikes (his range was not that far) after talking for about 3 hrs. he wants to traid in his electric bike for a noisy gas bike.

Golden Eagle- Bird Friendly

My bike shop guy alway throws in free doodads to hook on my bikes, many don't work well (lights/generators/cheap china crap).
One good slam to the ground with a 30 pound basket load of stuff pretty well smashes any mirror.
Kickstands have "failed me twice", bent on the trip to Denver and snapped on that last Mt. Cheaha trip.

That said, on the Florida trip, as my amulet, I had one of those squeaky parrot horns on the mirror, with a cheapy blue beaded rosary looped around it. Jimmy Buffet fans are everywhere, and many remarked, and a few even knew he was a lapsed catholic boy from Alabama.

So, I could give them my 3 good Buffet stories, which ties into parrots, which ends right => 8) here 8) <=

P.S. The mojo worked, George Allen fell. :p