Interesting find crankshaft wise on my HT 70!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by mountain80, Jul 27, 2008.

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    So I was doin a little maintenance and decided to grease my primary gears, clutch pushrod ball and engne side clutch lever no biggy. For some reason I thought i would take the magneto side cover off and see if any water got in, none and dry as a bone. Was having a look at the rotor to coil spacing and noticed it was off center and thought I would see if i could adjust it and sorta pushed against the rotor and lo and behold it moved up and down like about 0.010". I took the rotor off and pushed against the crank itself and that was what was moving. After further investigation after pulling the crank seal carefully, the bearing is tight on the crank but the play is between the OD of the bearing and the crankcase. No wonder the sucker rattles at times. Looks like it was bored to big so I'll tear it down soon and probably use shim stock in the case to take up the clearance. Funny thing is the bike starts every morning and takes me to work and back without a hiccup. Anyone else out there ever here of this???? Worth taking a look at youre motors IMHO.

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    Get a replacemant from your vendor, thats just asking for some kind of failure.

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    Too late, bought it 4 months ago, instead ill probably bore the case and sleeve it for the proper interference fit to the bearing, we do this all the time for large gearboxes that spin a bearing.