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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Hive, Feb 15, 2008.

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  1. Hive

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  2. mickey

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    Interesting indeed. If you want to motorize a stretch cruiser, do you need something like the OC stingray adapters to make a HT fit?
  3. azbill

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    the main thing the occ sprocket mount and engine mount help with are clearing the big back tire (4.5" wide)
    if running a standard (up to 2.125 wide) tire, I don't think occ mounts would be necessary
  4. mickey

    mickey Guest

    Sorry, I really meant just the motor mount adapters. The stretch on that website is gorgeous but looks way too long on the bottom tube to connect a china motor without some kind of front mount adapter.
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  5. Hive

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    Better for

    A GEBE kit, likely.
  6. I just received one of the Falcon GTS bikes. The bike itself is surprisingly sturdy and generally well-built (fit and finish is better than comparably priced Wallyworld bikes). The frame is too small for the frame-mounted 4 stroke Grubee motor I intended for it, but a 70cc HT fits well and looks awesome. I have not yet figured out how I want to mount the tank, but I'm leaning toward a rack mounted tank.
  7. That's a bummer, I really wanted to try to cram a grubee 4-stroke on that Military styled cruiser. How close is it to fitting?
  8. Hive

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    Cruiser Frames etc

    Try Chubby, Phat and Felt ...and there is a fellow in Antigo, Wisconsin who has an inventory of original Schwinn and maybe Monarch frames. I dropped his tag when I decided to stay with CF type frames.
  9. Hive

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    Military Enough?


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  10. Jim H

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    My experience with HT on a stretch cf... every bolt on mount I attempted to make, failed. It really needs to be a well fabricated, welded mount that can either be bolted on or directly welded on...I don't have the tools or welder to fabricate a decent mount which is why I switched to the rack mount.
  11. Too rich for my blood, but I do love it.
  12. Cram Session

    The motor is too tall for the frame. Kinda like sticking a square peg in a triangular hole. It might fit if you stripped off the mounting plate and fabricated your own. Honestly though, I'd look for a different of the stretched models perhaps.

    These 4 stroke engines are huge compared to the HTs that I;ve grown accustomed to.:D
  13. Yeah. I wasn't looking into a stretch frame or anything, I was looking into this frame.

    So a Grubee 4 stroke won't fit? Bummer.

    Maybe I'll dedicate a good bit of time to figuring out how to frame mount those 33 cc Robin engines. Research time.

    I know the mounting plate won't work, but I have to figure out the gearing, which is greek to me at this point.
  14. Alaskavan

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    Ya gotta love those Felt bikes.


    Think it's tough riding with those heels?
  15. Hive

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    Indeed, Seems

    To be a relationship between certain bike brands and "Funning" - as in Felt, Phat and, well, you get it. It is sort of onomatopoeic!

    As you suggested:
  16. Irish John

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  17. Hive

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    The Felt is very heavy and well made, from what I read here and elsewhere.

    Workman is also, but the frames are not the best for easy install.

    What about the those crazy Phat bikes?

    there is also some fellow in Antigo, WI who sells old Schwinn frames, like from '50s and 60s.
  18. Irish John

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    Yes those crazy Phat bikes are so crazy that they forbid access to the specs pages on their website. Either they have something to hide or they like annoying potential customers. They've lost me forever.
  19. HoughMade

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    I used a standard cantilever frame for my bike and the problem I encountered was that the standard air box hit on the seat post- no problem, I didn't want that ugly plastic airbox anyway. I compared the position of where the top post hits the seat post on the Felt MP above with that on my bike and it looks very similar (though the frams themselves are quite different). I compared the height of the top post to the rear wheel to use as a constant- I think there may be room. However, as I said, and you can see, there is not a lot of clearance. I think there would be the same air box issues- but if you want a vintage look, you won't want the big plastic air box either. Look at these pics and see what you think.

    I wonder, a bit, if the straight front tube will create some problems, but I don't know.

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  20. Hive

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    Frames for Motored Bikes

    The pics are a great bike and great set-up, but that is more or less a motorcycle, without the safety features, isn't it!

    Don't get me wrong, it is an ingenious ride and I appreciate the creative and clever work.

    Still, going 50 on it and having to stop fast is questionable.

    I am just squeamish, as I once had to harbrake my cycle; it and me dumped and slid though and intersection to avoid a sign runner. No injury to me and to bike, miraculously.

    Sold the bike a week later...but still love a street thumper single.
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