Interesting home made electric

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Kiwi, Apr 30, 2009.

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    this THING claims to haul butt

    if truly so -- how long can it do that ?

    ride that motor bike THING
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    Trolling motors rely on being submerged to keep them cool. They won't last long if their not.
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    maybe if it goes fast enough, it could be air cooled. does a trolling motor have that much torque?
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    That's the second best use for a trolling motor IMO. I had to look carefully to see how the wheel is being driven. Looks like the prop has been replaced with a rubber roller and the friction drives the sidewall. Correct? I wonder how long the battery will last? I have a an old 3hp trolling motor in my attic....its got me thinking.
    The 12v marine battery weighs at least 30lbs. I wouldn't want to strap that on to the back of my bike. What would a 12v lighter weight, state of the art equivalent battery cost? I would think in that configuration, you would need a freewheel, as to not be spinning the motor when pedaling.
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    You beat me to it Roger. My Minkota has the electronics encapsulated in the nose of the motor housing. Some other designs have the electronics in the control head using aluminum heat sinks. Those should be safe for bicycle use.

    There is another factor... bearing in trolling motors are designed to handle thrust and not side load.
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    Got to give it to the builder. He had a wild idea. And he did it.
    Seems here, the idea was shot down before even tried. Even the manufacter said it was a no go.
    He did it .It hauls hauls butt. And someone is going to put out 325 clams to ride it and call it theirs.
    We have learned a lesson that it will work. Next step is find a way to make it last.
    I really think what he did was good. He built a motor bike. But those wires need to go through the frame.
    Wonder if the light and radio(?) in the basket are for it.
    just my thoughts.
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    I seem to recall from that thread that MinKota said that as long as it was a veriable speed motor that it should be OK BUT they did not recommend it...POPS
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    I like it. I have the motor and control to do it. I'm concerned about the weight of the battery. The battery I used in the boat was over 30lbs. Seems a poor power to weight ratio right from the start. I'll have to research a lighter battery.
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