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    “Have you done any research on flight 370 to Beijing China?

    It's interesting to note that an employee from ZTE named Li Yanlin was on board; listed as passenger No 68. Li Yanlin is, or now was an engineer who is part of the company’s telecom gear installation and maintenance team.
    ZTE is a Chinese technology reseller who has been identified as a U.S. national security risk and continues selling high-level military technology to Iran.

    In May, 2010, India banned telecommunications firms from importing from ZTE and any other Chinese networking equipment companies due to fears that they were riddled with information-stealing spyware. Two years later, Reuters reported ZTE helped funnel software and hardware from US firms Oracle, Microsoft and Cisco Systems to the Iranian government in 2010 to build a $130m nation-wide surveillance system.

    It's also interesting to note that two young Iranians are among those on the passenger manifest.
    The two Iranians travelled on passports stolen about a year ago and claimed to be seeking asylum, but asylum from what has been unreported.

    ZTE’s thievery and spying support to Iran violated an American embargo on technology sales to the Iranian government. It put ZTE’s U.S. partners in hot water. In May 2012, Ashley Kyle Yablon, ZTE’s Texas-based general counsel, gave to the FBI an affidavit alleging the company plotted to cover up sales to Iran. ZTE then placed Yablon on administrative leave, according to his attorney, Tom Mills.

    Is it possible that Yanlin was with the Iranian men and brokering another technology transfer deal with Iran, but this time with sensitive information that was just a little "too" sensitive.

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    Or that The ZTE employee was selling info in return for asylum in Iran. The Iranians with stolen passports could be the henchmen to hijack the plane.I think the fire theory is more probable. But imagination can run wild with the unknown.
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    ? why would a Chinese national want asylum in Iran, considering Israel has it's nukes pointed at strategic sites in Iran (which is every inch of Iranian soil) and has an itchy trigger finger to turn the the country into ash & liquefied sand, the moment the dogs of war are released.

    I don't understand why Iranian hijackers would commandeer the plane and then fly over the Maldives; heading a direct course for the US military base of Diego Garcia ;-)
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    ask me 6 months ago who cisco was, id look a bit :dunce:

    now, now i know my bosses wife works for em and is responsible for some of the BIG deals... well, not so :dunce: :)

    taxed about double what i earn in a year!
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    So you theory on flight 370 is ???
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    Here's the most likely, there was smoke coming from the control panel that housed the tracking devices, they pulled those, but the fire was behind that, burned a hole in the fuse, rapid decompression, auto takes over, long/weird path,... splash.
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    That scenario is completely plausible, as pilots are trained to pull the fuses to try and find/isolate a problem.
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    oh. theory. um...

    big computer glitch. never left the tarmac, if there ever was a plane at all. so its sitting there on the runway, everyones looking everywhere else and arent seeing it where it is,due to the "SEP field effect" as described by douglas adams... a very similar effect to the blindspot one develops when what theyre looking for is directly in front of them. what the search team requires is someone that has no interest in locating this plane, and therefore no bias, to tell everyone else where to look.

    wheres my glasses? "on top of your head..."

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    I find that theory significantly less plausible. It's a bit difficult to overlook a 300 tone aircraft, that hasn't moved or been refulled or been catered or cleaned from it's sitting position on the runway in almost 2 weeks.