Intersested in easy DIY e-bike? try this..


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Jan 6, 2008
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I can't remember the name of the unit but this may apply with others as well. I had an old scotter, the ones that are in the two to three hundred range and have the seat sitting on a seat post about two feet long.
If you look at it you will see that if you remove the swing arm,you now have a unit with a motor,chain,sprockets and wheel all in place and ready to go. This unit is now mounted on the rear of the bike just as you would mount one of those rear racks (the ones with the spring loaded arm to hold things) The wheel sits on top of your bicycle wheel and as it turns,it turns yuor wheel moving your bike, Took me about two hours. The batteries were zip tied under the cross bar and I just used a heavy duty push button switch for an on/off but you could use all the electrical that came with the scooter. the only thing to remember is to make sure you mount unit with wheel turning in the proper direction so that your bike goes forward and that the wheel is rubbing well. Air pressure can be played with. I used this bike for a few months without a problem.Hope this is "understandable"..It looked Ok too !
No sorry, But I did find the name of the scooter I used. Here in Canada it is worth $249 and is called "ricochet". I downloaded a pic but I can't seem to see how to include. I wish there was a way for me to show you what it looks like. if you were behind me you would see a 12 inch rubber tire sitting on top of my bikes rear tire, with both wheels spinning away.As I said above. the neat thing about this is that the swingarm is about 5 inches by 15 and you don't have to do anything with it as it's all there,ready to mount.It mounts just like I see here with the rear motored roller drives. Two steel tubes coming up from the rear axel nuts and the third mount is under the seat,right by the rear breaks. The only thing to keep in mind is that it is always "on" and can only be used as electric bike and is good for about two hours.
Richochet Scooter

Just browsing and uploaded a picture of the scoot. Interesting idea. I wonder what happens when the 250W motor is overcharged with 36v instead 24v?

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"I wonder what happens when the 250W motor is overcharged with 36v instead 24v?"

At a guess nothing good would happen.Depending on the quality of the battery and IF it did accept the charge without destroying itself it would still only put out the rated 24v.
To me it's like charging a 6v motorbike battery with a 12v charger....bad news. :(
Thanks Bluemax,now I know.Glad to see that there is a bit of interest in this. I guess that what I'm trying to point out here is that this is a very cheap way of "doing it". Th eone I had came out of the garbage as it was a bit beat up but it was still all there. I'm sure that soon , with summer coming, the garage sales are the place to be. I'm not joking about this taking two hours to finish.
Thanks srdavo, you got it. Like the guy said, there is no slipping at all-ever! I now wish I had not given it away but waiting for bats to charge is crazy. Play for two hours, charge till next day, that was why I went with the gas (china)
Man this site "rocks" Never have I found a site with so much info, just spent the last hour or so reading the boost bottle thread...WOW! The other day I found the white wired/lights post...priceless!!!!!Now you gave me the idea of looking up "blast from the past" posts. I may die before I read everything on this
I put thirty six volts through a 250 watt motor on my electro bike. The wiring melted and I had a fire. Nothing serious just a lot of smoke and stink. Seems the amps went up when the voltage did. Wiring would not stand the increase. I was not using a controller though.