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  1. I have scored an interview with the most hardcore motorcycle cop in each of the several city police departments the subject of my interview will be motorized bicycles and how they perceive them on the road.

    I want to give everybody here a way to voice their questions.

    I am calling on all of you to I think of the best questions that you yourself would want to ask the police officer after the weekend is over I will take the best questions and I will publish the answers when I'm done

  2. MotorBicycleRacing

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    What cities or departments?
    Should be interesting, but the phrase "let sleeping dogs lie" come to mind. :)

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    hahaha.... be careful what you ask for.:grin5:
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    Granted I've lived on the fringes of society, but I come from the school of "no contact with Johnny is good contact".
  5. The depts are all in orange county commyfornia.

    trust me I dont like doing this any more than any of you but ignorance is not bliss and when cops are telling friends of mine when they ticket him that motorized bicycle on their radar and im going to ticket you for riding a pocket bike on the roadway and he fights it and loses then I can no longer ignore this topic.

    I need questions from use guys or else image gonna write them myself and take all the glory or failure.

    once I get full approval from the pr officers traffic division I will do the interview .

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    The CA laws on motorized bicycles are quite clear as long as you can get
    by the rather confusing DMV website which is a little mixed up and includes
    old and superseded laws.

    Pocket bikes are illegal on the street and should be easy to distinguish
    from a legal motorized bicycle.

    What city was your friend ticketed in and for what violations?
    Does your friend have a drivers license?

    M2 or M1 license.
    DOT helmet
    $19 one time fee license plate.
    2 hp or less and maximum speed of 30 mph.
    Fully operative pedals.
  7. no offense but u aint a cop nor will you ever give me a ticket. son it dont really matter what you say to me about the laws. the best way to beat your enemy is to know your enemy.

    thanks for all the awesome questions for me to ask the cop.

    yet another meaningfull thread completly obliterated by know it alls

    I will ask the questions myself since evryone on here wants to talk about useless $hit. like " whats wrong with my bike or "my nuts just fell off what do I do now?"

    seem use guys at lagrange
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    I'd think about asking who or where they go to for clarification and instruction on the use of MBs.
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    What I would ask is what they think about mb's, a persons perception of mb's may sway them to stop you if you were doing something questionable.
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    Ask them how they would handle a rider, completely sober, obeying all traffic laws, and simply going to or from their job. And if they would only have stopped that rider because the vehicle may be 'outside' the statutes of legal. I'm not in CA but would really like to get some input on the general opinion from law enforcement.
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    Well, I am an ex-cop and if you get hot in the interview like you did here, you'll find yourself spending the night in the hoosh-cow. Please don't represent me in your question and answer period.
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    here in Wisconsin I personally haven't had any issues with riding on the street, and believe me plenty of city and county POLICE OFFICERS ( underlined highlighted and bold text ) have seen me and know what I am on. The easiest way around any situation, or confrontation with a law enforcement officer is , IMHO, Don't be stupid, don't show off, and ride legal ie: helmet, obey the traffic laws, and when stopped DON"T insult an officer's intelligence in any way. Answer his or her questions to the best of your ability. As in my case stopped twice and with as stated above I now get a thumbs up, a nod, or wave from my local law enforcement officers. And no I am not a police officer, retired or otherwise.
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    The laws on motorized bicycles in CA are pretty clear-cut, I don't know why you feel the need to interview police officers. They aren't going to tell you anything new.

    Just by reading and understanding the law you'll be more in the know than they are, in most cases.
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    If you feel the need to meddle, get a statement in writing from an appropriate CA RMV official asking for clarification on specific questions.

    The road to purgatory is paved with good intentions.