Intoducing the Torquemaster

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by darwin, Mar 1, 2013.

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    I haven't been on this site much lately but there was at least one thread about this a year maybe two ago. Probably not a lot of interest since as you suggest, it's all about torque and not speed. And you're right about hill climbing. I put one on a friends bike who lives at the top of a long 7%+ grade and wanted to use assist to just get back home with. I had a conversation with Dave S. about it back then and he thought it would be perfect for that. It is, does the job well combined with a Mits 43, tops out around 17/18 mph and pulls like an ox. Actually it was a lot of fun to ride. Only other thing I'd add is the unit is a tad hefty but like most of what Staton makes built tough.
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    That would be great to market to hunters or adventurers mounted on a nice mountain bike. Would need a big gas tank though.