Intro and sell: #1 Silver Slant 66cc/80cc, (GB Limited Edition) [#Silver-Slant-66cc]

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    I am trying to post a sell thread, but it keeps telling me I have to introduce myself first.

    Since I already did that:

    I am posting my for sell thread here.

    For sell: #1 Silver Slant 66cc/80cc, (GB Limited Edition) [#Silver-Slant-66cc]

    It was purchased from on May 22, 2011. I installed it on a cruiser, and have yet to get it running smooth. I am going to remove the kit from my bike, and sell it all including various extra parts I purchased. Has a brand new clutch cable and CDI. I've ran about 1.5 tanks of only non-ethanol fuel. The chain and sprocket will not come with the kit.

    I've enjoyed it, but do not have the patience and time to always be tinkering with this thing.

    I paid $160, and am asking $115.

    I haven't had luck replying to threads on here, since it always tells me to Introduce myself first, so my email is: