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    So I started off with a cheap 66/80cc raw motor kit. Not the best idea.

    I've upgraded a few things. Most of the studs was my start. I also bought the HD axle with the screw on sprocket.

    I just recently started modifying. I installed the performance carb from JNMotors. Also the exhaust X-expansion port. I also took off the exhaust tip.

    I changed the jet in the carb to a 0.68

    My last problem is the tensioner. I just purchased a spring tensioner but this one was ****. I bought another one that should be somewhat better. Hopefully it works out good. If anyone knows of some tips or good sites for tensioners, please don't hesitate to comment.

    My next purchase is a new exhaust.

    Lastly I am going with a black and yellow theme and I am looking for a 60mm diameter yellow air filter. Either regular or low profile and either yellow filter with chrome or black metal or just regular black/grey filter with yellow metal

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    Welcome to Motoredbikes Audio!