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    Hi everybody,
    Lots of bike enthusiasts trolling and I'm glad to join the ranks. Been a round the world pedaler... 20 years US Navy w/ my 520 TREK at every port call. Retired the "round da world TREK" (still have it tho) and tour on Cannondale now. Last winter found me in barn shop devising bike for my wife to ride and not complain about the hills. (Yes, I know, ALL the world's uphill on a bicycle.) At any rate, we found a reason for her to go riding with me now. She can hop on the Li'l Indian (my first build) and annihilate the hills. I'm interested in finding more bicycle enthusiasts motored and un-motored in Kitsap county, Washington. Looking forward to getting lotsa ideas from members for my next build.
    Full Sail,

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    Not from WA but welcome to the forum. Sounds like we went to the same school but grew up in different towns ;-)
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    With her motor going you won't be able to hear her complaining anyways. Lol.