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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by torqueweirdo, Dec 6, 2008.

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    Hi fellow Bike Nuts !
    I've been researching assit power for 2 Tour Easy Recumbents (wife has one also)-I've ALMOST bought several types of kits but held off after talking with the vendor or,most of all, reading about the varied experinces that many of you had. I'm anxiously awaiting delivery of TWO rack mount Titon 4 stroke kits. It looked like a sound design to me with a good warranty ',so I left a message at "Thats Dax" .
    .Duane returned my call at about 10pm central time(I live in So-Cal) and spent over an hour answering my many questions. I had thought of more questions the next day and he was still more than patient with me so I ordered the kits! It's surprising how many of these "builders" will talk down to a potential customer (I've made a lifetime income on the service side of the truck industry and built drag bikes for fun - I don't mention this when I call a vendor just so I can tell how full of it he might be)-Duane is very friendly , helpful, knowledgeable and open minded.
    I know that his Titan motors are new on the market but I'm not worried about that because I trust Duane. If anyone reads this and already runs one of these kits I'd appreciate hearing how it's doing for you.

    Also: Alpha Geek is right on about pointing the exhaust toward the ground helping with the "stealth" aspect. I have a 600hp diesel pickup that doesn't turn the cops heads anymore since I went to a "turndown" pipe.

    I'd like to thank all of you for sharing your experence - it has really helped me learn enough to make a more educated and economical decision !This is a great resource ! Thanks Again.

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    Well, welcome aboard. Always room for one more. I also bought my kits from Dax and I haven't been sorry.

    One of our members, Large Filipino, runs on a Titan. And last I knew he thought it was just this side of heaven. I can't think of other members at the moment. But I'm sure there's some.
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    G'day man i welcome to MBc.
    I've got a Titan & it's great,probably the only one in my state & one of the very few in Oz.....HIGHLY recommended.
    As for Duane...........geez if u can't trust him then who can u trust.
  4. My Titan is the best thing I've ever owned,engine shared between two bikes.
    You simply cannot go wrong.
    I'm curious as to your recumbents. Can you take a pic?
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    welcome to MBc... torqueweirdo!!

    heh heh...whatta

    I am sure you'll be pleased with the Titan & Duane's service.

    please join us in our New Recumbent section.... we'd love to hear about your build!

    Congrats on having a Missus who enjoys riding!!

    again.... Welcome!!
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    oh....&.... a boy scout is....trustworthy, loyal, kind, courteous, brave, clean & reverent.
    I can still tie a couple knots, too! :grin5:
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    Thanks for the warm welcome, SRDAVO, I think that there were 12 boyscout attributes in the code but I only remember the same ones as you. I think I can only do the square and slip knots but we're going back into the early '50s in my case.
    Remember shining your shoes like a mirror for inspections ? Those were the days !
    Thanks Again!
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    Whoops-Thrifty/-don't tell my scoutmaster. Thanks.