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    I went ahead and registered because has been a wealth of information to me on my quest to motor bliss.

    Once a motorcycle owner (retired 20 years), but of all my fire breathing behemoths my 100cc Suzuki Gopher may have been by best ride for pure fun. I want to return to that simple carefree motoring experience.

    I have medium engine (auto and MC), and mechanical skills. My four kids and I all ride - my mountain bike from college still looks new and I have a short wheelbase recumbent I bought after my knee surgery. I love to ride and for 6'2" and 250 lbs I get around pretty good on either frame, depending on where I am going and for how long. The kids dont like the recumbent because they cannot keep up. Once concern is I may get too lazy with the power assist, and for my health I need to ride (that is, pedal) regularly.

    Thanks for helping me avoid bad vendors - but so many are out of stock right now on engine kits!

    Here are my initial plans:

    Season 1:Build a single speed coaster cruiser, springer front, with an 80CC slant head 2-stroke straight up, no frills, but pretty. Ride it for a season and learn from the build.

    Season 2: another kit for my trusted mountain bike (no suspension), new front fork with some shock absorber, sprung seat post, and a jackshaft to run through the rear gears. The whole concept of running power through the existing rear sprockets makes incredible sense. How much more satisfying is it to put the engine in a comfortable cruising rpm rather than max out the throttle just to hold 30 mph? Has anyone found whether or not gas mileage improves with a jackshaft?

    These are my plans. I need the mobility this summer as part of political campaign. What a great way to go door-to-door and not be so wore out running from house to house.

    Any comments on my initial plans? I overthink some things, and I have been reading and studying on this idea of the motorized bike for about a year now. My wife knows I have the interest but I fear telling her about it - why is it you think I dont own motorcycles any more?

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    Hi District, welcome to Motoredbikes!