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Mar 3, 2008
Okay, not overly sure about this intro thing, just used to jumping in a forum blindly.

I really don't want to talk to much about my personal self... so I'll just say I've recently picked up an older 1983 Schwinn Cruiser. It needs alot of work... alot! I used to ride a Honda motorcycle, but that was many moons ago... many! Hehe!

I've sold the car, and been using public transit, which in my town means being a vagrant on street corners for up to an hour waiting on the next bus.

I would rather pedal, getting back into shape while I move myself around the city. However I would like to make a trip south to friends and family. So I woke up this morning wondering if anyone had ever attached a motor to a bike before, and was amazed at the amount of sites that had so much to offer me.

So far I have to admit I like this forum best of all... been reading alot of stuff about preping for adding an engine to the bike. Especially since the bike needs repair itself.


cruiser bikes are suitable for most engines and are generally strong enough to deal with engine installations..

I have a GEBE system with a 32cc 2 stroke fitted to a Schwinn and its good for 30mph on the flat and about 22 miles to a tank. A gallon of petrol is good for about 200 miles.

To be honest the frame mount engines such as whizzers and the kings/dax/etc motors look more like a baby motorbike - but they are more complicated to install and some of the engines are a sometimes little bit flakey.

The GEBE/STANTON frame mounts, belt and chain drive respectively, mount above the rear wheel and are quite effective - the GEBE lacks the common problem of noisy chains etc and the belts are quite resiliant if set up correctly.

good luck and welcome to the forum

Jemma xx


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Feb 14, 2008
Timmiejane, welcome to MBc ! Home of may answers, and awaiting your ideas.