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    Hello everyone. I'm a 30yr old male from sunny Az. I just got my first motor bike about a month ago. It was purchased for fun and leisure. It's turning out to be nothing like that but more a hobby and a weekend project. I've gone through 3 leaky tanks and now currently and for some reason my bike won't turn over. I'm going to read before I start asking questions. Thanks for being here.
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  2. LR Jerry

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    With these kits you get what you're willing to pay for. There's two building philosophies: 1) Buy a quality kit from the start. 2) Buy a cheap kit then upgrade it.
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    I'm assuming the tank is leaking from the fittings. Use Teflon tape on the threads. If it's leaking somewhere else.....??????

    Up to the right on this page is a search window, which will help you search by topic.
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    Thank you for the tip! It appears to be leaking from the welding of the bolts. I'm convinced its Jap crap. It's true you get what you pay for.
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    Looks like ill be upgrading. Lol
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    Tank leaking around the bolts results from overtightening.
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    I figured the same as well. Im putting on another tank today. Thank you for you help.
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    Ok guys... Got a new tank and a new spark plug. I need to change my oil. The spark plug was all gunk'd up. With the new spark plug it started right up.

    A NGK BR5HS what I'm going to buy. Is this correct?
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  9. iSmokilos

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    My rear motor mount bolt just snapped!!! Will my local hardware store have the replacement bolts? If so are they 6mm diameter? What's the length? I will remove bolt and take it with me. I just wanna get the knowledge.
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    Welcome to the Forum. iSmokilos, I see your location as "under a roof" . Were Bikers, not Mystics. Where is your hardware store? Maine. Mexico? It's most likely a 6mm stud.
  11. MotorBicycleRacing

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    6 mm 1.0 pitch, same as the exhaust, intake and most of the side
    cover bolts.

    Upgrade the front and back motor mount bolts, allen head bolts will work

    you are lucky that the stud didn't beak off flush or inside the motor.

    NGK B6HS is the middle of the plug heat range.

    You could also use an extended nose NGK BP6HS

    Jap crap? You wish. The motors and kits are made in China with some
    having Japanese bearings.