Introduce myself from El Paso, Texas



Howday All,

HikerBob here in El Paso, Texas.

I just bought a Ruihong 80cc two-cycle bicycle engine and it'll be here in a week to install on my 30 year old heavy weight Diamondback mountain bike.

Looking forward to the experience of riding it, expect 80cc two cycle will be a lots of engine for this bike.

Yesterday I drove a foldup bike with 33cc two-cycle engine a friend of mine bought after he heard I had bought the engine to mount on mine. Was a BLAST to drive!

Here is Texas we have quite a few laws about motored bicycles to deal with as far as driving the streets.

Thanks for reading this, looking forward to being a part of your gang.

HikerBob in El Paso, Texas:cool


Bean Oil

Welcome to MB.c, HB!

expect 80cc two cycle will be a lots of engine for this bike.
Yes and no... Yes, if it were indeed a true 80cc and had a little more compression (and a little more attention paid to counterbalancing of the rotating/reciprocating assembly...).

But as it stands, these engines are lower-compression, somewhere around 7:1 (regular gas, though!) and in the case of what some sellers advertise as "80"ccs winds up being a 67.5cc motor. I have one of these mounted and running for at least 10 rides... and as the engine continues to break-in, it is indeed more than enough engine for the grade of components usually found on a bicycle. Speeds above 30 can be achieved so one had better have good brakes!

I for one am looking forward to seeing some pics of your build and to hearing about some of your rides. Again, welcome!



You are going to mix it up in EP on a motored bicycle. You are tougher than woodpecker lips! I get over there fairly frequently. Love the cafe by the old Cemetry.
Welcoem to the tribe from the Giant Side of Texas!