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    I Live Northwest Pa Ohio Line Ihave Rode My Wildfire Mb All Summer:i Plan Ride All Summer Next Year. I Have A Heart Problem But It Don"t Stop Me! I Need To See Things I Missed .i Was A Truck Driver And Could Not Spend Time To Look Around. But Mb Is The Way.i Read About Pa Laws? I Drove More 3000 Miles In Pa This Summer No Trouble With Law No Plates No Ins.?but I Just Plates And Ins.on It .i Plan To Farther Like Ny?i Reading This Site Last 5 Months Helped Me Repaired This Wf 49ht Sorry This First Times {comp 2stroke Mb }thank To All Mbe

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    Welcome to MBc! Were you able to get the 49cc Wildfire bike registered as a moped? Do they come with a VIN, or did you have to jump through a bunch of hoops to get plates for it?
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    Hello and welcome to the group. After 5 mo. im glad you piped up. :grin5:
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    welcome -- that's a lot of miles ridden

    have fun as you ride that thing